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Day 29


I will eat one meal with complete mindfulness.


There are Buddhist monks and other practitioners who use eating as an opportunity to practice mindfulness.   What that means is that while they are eating they are eating.  That is–  they are ONLY eating.   They do not talk during meals and their every movement and every thought is related to the meal and eating.  

Their thoughts are of gratitude for the grain which gave up its life force and the many hands that saw it go from cultivation to consumption.  They view eating as a divine marriage between the food and the one eating it.  They reflect with awe and humility on the perfection of the body as it takes part in the meal.  Hands that take food from bowl to mouth, a sense of taste that recognizes the earthy flavor, a digestive system that turns a grain of rice into sustenance, all parts in the process are acknowledged and honoured.    They feel, taste, smell, appreciate, unite, and fully engage in what becomes a sacred communion.   I, on the other hand, have actually eaten so fast and so absent-mindedly that I’ve not remembered eating at all.  I like the idea of consciously becoming one with my food.  I especially like the idea of being fully present in the act of eating and appreciating the many, many who have made it possible.   So today, even if it means eating in the closet or the garage so that I’m not disturbed, I’ll eat one meal with the divine grace of a monk.  

photo from  allmyanmar.com


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Day 20


There is only NOW. 

The past is gone, the future has yet to be, the only reality is NOW.

There is no other place to be but HERE, NOW.


If my thoughts are on something that’s happened previously then I am missing  the present.  My body can be in the now-moment, but where my mind is is where my existence is.  If my thoughts are on something that has yet to happen, then I am missing the present.   The only moment that is real is the one that IS.  What WAS and what WILL BE are not reality.  If  I want to be fully alive in life, fully living, then I must be HERE, NOW.

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Day 18


My faith guides me when I’m uncertain

My faith carries me when I am lost.

My faith is strong and solid.


Faith is the born of the union of hope and belief… Hope without belief is infertile.  Belief without hope is impotent.  But with a heart of BOTH belief in possibilities and hope in their manifestation or truth, we cultivate FAITH.  And from faith– inner peace and the flowering of potential…

I challenge the substance of my Faith.. Is it strong enough to weather all storms or is it only good on partly cloudy days? Does my faith crumble like sand the moment the burden is too heavy or does it bear the weight like granite?

I renew my faith today so that when I need it next it will be sure.

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Day 16


I allow each moment to bring its own new and unique experience, free from expectation. 

If I felt a certain high from meditation yesterday, I may want to feel that same high from meditation today. If I felt a very deep connection to my beloved yesterday under certain circumstances, I may expect to feel the same when circumstances are the same.   This can never be.  The precise energies of a moment or an experience can never align in the exact way again. Holding onto a past experience in the hope of repeating it only creates resistance that prevents a new experience from being fully lived.

“You cannot step into the same river twice.” 




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Day 13


This is MY one life and I came here to LIVE  it.
I start today!


Our souls may have many incarnations but we  have only this lifetime..  Never again will my cells form to make this unique person I am.  Never again will I experience what I experience in this life.  Only in this journey will I have the gifts, dreams, passions, and purpose I do and only in this journey can I create, express and share them.   This is it.. the one and only time I will be this amazing version of my self.   What am I waiting for?

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Day 12


I am abundantly blessed.

I see the blessings of life all around me and I am grateful for every one.


Everywhere I look I witness the blessings of my existence.  From waking in the warmth of a bed to stepping first foot on cold flooring …  From crows bellowing and hummingbirds chirping in morse  to tea kettles, timers and doorbells  …  From a newly erupted lawn flower to a barren birch…  From snapshot memories of a child, a soldier, and a family to the heartbeat rhythm of my love…  From  the feet on which I stand to the bike I pedal and the car I drive…  From the fingertips that gently tap out this message to the voice that sings aloud and off-key…  From capitalism and democracy to the dream of social harmony… From miracles, magic and mystery to the mundane they create… From light to shadows and back to light…  From consciousness, questioning and clarity to daydreams and stillness… From rain drops and gum drops to tear drops…  From a single torn page of a coloring book to the entirety of Anna Karenina… From touch, tenderness and connection to solitude and space… From struggle and sorrow to surviving and thriving.  From cell phones to cellular memory… From here to eternity and back again… Everywhere I look I witness the blessings of my existence and I am humbled and I am grateful.

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Day 7


Today I intend to smile at everyone everywhere I go.


It’s a good day to *SMILE* ! If for no other reason than I feel better when I smile and I like feeling GOOD!  I’ll smile at strangers instead of looking away. I’ll smile at someone I don’t get along with–and leave ’em wondering! I’ll smile at my own face in the mirror! I’ll smile because I’m ME, because I am Loved by the Divine, because I CAN! By smiling I’ll change the energy around me and people will respond, they may feel better — they might even smile back!

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Day 6


Today I will practice stillness


In moments of stillness I become at-one with all Creation.   Today I will make the effort to *STOP* several times during the day to quiet my mind into silence, to relax my body into non-action, and be fully present in that moment of Life thru stillness.   I will try to remember to experience this “pause” each time I move from one activity to the next in the daily routine.   The infinity of The ALL is found in the pause of no-thing-ness.

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Day 5


I am blessed with abundant love in my life.

I am never alone or without love.

I am loved by forces unseen at all times.


There are times when we all feel alone in the world or without the love and support of one true friend.  Perhaps those experiences happen so as to inspire us to look beyond the obvious and visible.    Even if stranded on an island in the middle of an infinite sea, I am not alone or without love.   Each of us was given, upon our birth, one True Friend on the planet on whom we could always depend.  This one person would be with us our entire lives, know everything about us and still love us unconditionally.  This one person would stand with us even when we treated them terribly.  This one person is our very own self and no person can love us more than we love ourselves.  We are each of us also blessed with love and support beyond this world.  The Divine, that unexplainable formless Presence, is an infinite Source of True Love and Friendship.  Whether we look within our hearts or to the Heavens, Divine Love is always with us, guiding, nurturing, supporting  and loving us unconditionally all the hours of our lives.  Be it Divine or Self, love is ours and always with us.

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Day 4


I live in abundant health and vitality.

I am strong and energetic.

I can see my body, its organs, tissues and cells, bathed in Divine and healing Light at all times.

I feel my body daily rejuvenated.

My body is a vehicle of Divine creation and I treat it with honour and respect.


Whether I am in perfect health at this moment or not makes no difference.  What is important is that my attention be on what I desire, my preferred state.   By continually affirming health, healing, and strength I am channeling the energy of  Divine perfection to every part of my body, via the unlimited power of my own consciousness.    Serving my body well with my actions is also essential.   Intervention and good care are vital and my choices should reflect and promote my preferred state.  

When my mind and it’s assertion of health are working in harmony with deliberate action to promote the same, I am creating the ideal circumstances for the attainment of my preferred state.

(The following was created as a daily meditation.  For more information on this movie and how to use it most effectively, please go to:  http://elizabethsayle.info/Prayer_of_Health_Affirmation.aspx )

 © Mosaic World Spirit & Elizabeth Sayle 2009

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