Blessings Abound

Day 12


I am abundantly blessed.

I see the blessings of life all around me and I am grateful for every one.


Everywhere I look I witness the blessings of my existence.  From waking in the warmth of a bed to stepping first foot on cold flooring …  From crows bellowing and hummingbirds chirping in morse  to tea kettles, timers and doorbells  …  From a newly erupted lawn flower to a barren birch…  From snapshot memories of a child, a soldier, and a family to the heartbeat rhythm of my love…  From  the feet on which I stand to the bike I pedal and the car I drive…  From the fingertips that gently tap out this message to the voice that sings aloud and off-key…  From capitalism and democracy to the dream of social harmony… From miracles, magic and mystery to the mundane they create… From light to shadows and back to light…  From consciousness, questioning and clarity to daydreams and stillness… From rain drops and gum drops to tear drops…  From a single torn page of a coloring book to the entirety of Anna Karenina… From touch, tenderness and connection to solitude and space… From struggle and sorrow to surviving and thriving.  From cell phones to cellular memory… From here to eternity and back again… Everywhere I look I witness the blessings of my existence and I am humbled and I am grateful.

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