Listening to Inner Guidance

Day 53 Affirmation: I trust and listen to my inner guidance. My inner guidance always works for my highest potential and from love.                       _________ It can be called God, Guardian Angel, Higher Self, Spirit Guide, intuition, knowing, sixth sense, or gut feeling.  Sometimes that guidance comes as nudge, a sign, a voice, a feeling, or an instinct.  Whatever … More Listening to Inner Guidance

Risky Business

Day 52 Affirmation: I live free from fear and its many expressions. I am safe, loved, and my future secured in faith and positive affirmation. I replace all doubts with certainty and  gratitude for all that is right and abundant in my life.                                                    ________________ Last night I went to bed overwhelmed with appreciation and humbled by the … More Risky Business

Witnessing Miracles

Day 50 Affirmation: My heart and mind are wide open so that I can see miracles… and I see them everywhere !        __________ It’s so easy to move from moment to moment and hour to hour without noticing the extraordinary within the ordinary.  It’s there, hidden behind a child’s toothless grin or in the generous … More Witnessing Miracles

Having It All

Day 46 Affirmation: I am worthy of having love. I am worthy of having abundant resources. I am worthy of having health. I am worthy of having happiness. I am worthy of having it all.   Few of us REALLY think we’re worthy of ‘having it all’;  most of us have at least one area … More Having It All

Filling in the Gaps

Day 44 Affirmation: I am repairing the holes in my experience, filling them with love.                               _______________ A life is like a tapestry, woven of many experiences, each creating a part of the whole.  Some are vibrant, some are dull, some are of fine silk, others scratchy wool.   And some create the effect of a hole in our fabric.  … More Filling in the Gaps

Meaningful By Choice

Day 42 Affirmation: My life’s work and efforts are meaningful because I give them meaning I do not look to others or the world to validate my purpose.                                        ________________________ I have often said I want to do something meaningful with my life…to make a difference,  to change the world in some small or big way.   … More Meaningful By Choice

Perfectly Imperfect

Day 41 Affirmation: I am perfectly imperfect just the way I am I accept my humanness and my shadows as part of the divine gift of life.                        _____________ Spiritual perfectionism is an easy trap to fall into.  Most of us who have embarked on the spiritual quest will find ourselves there at least once, being so unbearably … More Perfectly Imperfect

Never Curb Your Enthusiasm

Day 40 Affirmation: I am fired up and eager I am ready to take on the world I express optimism I am enthusiastic about life today               ____________ Enthusiasm is derived from the Greek word ‘entheos’, literally meaning ‘in’ (en) ‘god’ (theos).  To be enthusiastic about life is to be experiencing from your Divine-self, or Godself.   That means … More Never Curb Your Enthusiasm

I’m All Ears

Day 37 Affirmation: When others speak I don’t just hear them, I listen. I do not interrupt.                      _________________ Today’s affirmation sounds like a plea I heard from Mrs. Bell, my kindergarten teacher, but it’s a lesson I’ve never totally learned.   Maybe this sounds familiar– you’re listening to someone talk when suddenly you have something to say.   You switch … More I’m All Ears

Breaking the Emotional Habit of Fear

Day 36 Affirmation: I refuse to let the fears of yesterday be the fears of my tomorrow.                                        ___________________________ As my brain throws out reasons for me to feel threatened or afraid based on something I experienced in the past, I will pause and ask myself, “Is there a real threat here now or is this a … More Breaking the Emotional Habit of Fear

No Mud, No Lotus

Day 34 Affirmation: I am grateful for every good thing in my life. I am grateful for every challenge in my life. I am grateful for every opportunity for growth I am given.                                   ______________________ It’s easy enough to feel grateful for things like loving friends, a fulfilling job, and a warm place to sleep. … More No Mud, No Lotus

No Regrets

Day 32 Affirmation: I let go of regret. I make mistakes, learn from them and move on with responsibility and grace.                                            ____________ I think everyone can look back on a time when they believe they could have made a better choice.    How often  people say, “If I had it to do over again…”  But even if … More No Regrets