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Day 53


I trust and listen to my inner guidance.

My inner guidance always works for my highest potential and from love.


It can be called God, Guardian Angel, Higher Self, Spirit Guide, intuition, knowing, sixth sense, or gut feeling.  Sometimes that guidance comes as nudge, a sign, a voice, a feeling, or an instinct.  Whatever we call it and however it manifests, everyone has their own inner guidance.  It can be hard to trust that inner wisdom when it speaks but with time and trust, one can learn to rely on it under any circumstances.  Inner guidance is always loving and never encourages any choice that would cause harm to the self or others.  Inner guidance may not always be logical but it always turns out to be in our best interest.  Inner guidance is not from the ego, it is from the soul. Again, inner guidance never does anything but promote that which is good, loving, and in harmony with the Divine.   I commit to relying on my inner guidance to help me make decisions and pursue my life’s highest expression.    I will trust my inner guidance, more and more each day, realizing that it will never lead me astray.


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Day 52


I live free from fear and its many expressions.

I am safe, loved, and my future secured in faith and positive affirmation.

I replace all doubts with certainty and  gratitude for all that is right and abundant in my life.


Last night I went to bed overwhelmed with appreciation and humbled by the beautiful course my life is on and all the loving support I am wrapped in.  I woke this morning unnerved and apprehensive, little questioning doubts creeping into my mind.  Life is good and my delightful ego, doing its job so well, recognized the risk in such a state– it might not last, it might all collapse, it might turn sour, something might go wrong.  Risk usually comes with fear and fear always bring forth the ego which seeks to protect the self from any threat.  I sat and embraced the risk, eliminated the fear (replacing it with faith and positive beliefs) and breathed again in gratitude for the abundance, love, and joy that are here now.  Life can always collapse around us at any moment.  Sometimes it’s even necessary and proper that it do so, but sometimes it does so only because (over time) our fears of collapse have created it.   Accept risk without fear, replace doubt with certainty,  and live in gratitude for what is here and now. 

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Day 50


My heart and mind are wide open so that I can see miracles… and I see them everywhere !


It’s so easy to move from moment to moment and hour to hour without noticing the extraordinary within the ordinary.  It’s there, hidden behind a child’s toothless grin or in the generous hug from a friend.  Miracles might reveal themselves in the sudden finding of a lost item, in a cloud shaped like an angel, in a gift that is much-needed or the perfect timing of being late.   Happenstance, synchronicity, coincidence, good fortune, great luck… all are nothing more than miracles in disguise.   They’re easily overlooked because they happen so often, the Divine is constantly interacting with us.  Today I will pay attention, notice and appreciate every single miracle, none less impressive than another.   

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Day 46


I am worthy of having love.

I am worthy of having abundant resources.

I am worthy of having health.

I am worthy of having happiness.

I am worthy of having it all.


Few of us REALLY think we’re worthy of ‘having it all’;  most of us have at least one area of resistance. That area is an easy one to find– it’s the one thing that’s never worked out for us, the one issue we’ve always had (or can’t get rid of) or the one dream we never seem to have (or keep)  fulfilled.

Today I will ask myself, do I really BELIEVE and feel in my deepest places that I am worthy of having it all?  I will consider: Where does my resistance live? Does my inner being really believe I can have health and friendships but resists feeling completely worthy of wealth? Does my inner being feel truly worthy of a loving faithful partner or is that where my resistance is?

Today I intend to consider all this and then begin working to remove any resistance I might have to having it all.

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Day 44


I am repairing the holes in my experience, filling them with love.


A life is like a tapestry, woven of many experiences, each creating a part of the whole.  Some are vibrant, some are dull, some are of fine silk, others scratchy wool.   And some create the effect of a hole in our fabric.  From loss, heartache, missed opportunities, accidents or maybe just from neglect, they leave a painful reminder that make the whole feel forever vulnerable and able to unravel with just the wrong tug.  I don’t want holes in my life’s tapestry; I want a well lived but well united weave.  I will find those holes, one at a time and fill them.  I will fill them with love, a love that will replace the anger, pain, sorrow, blame or guilt that have kept them gaping.  Pains are part of the experience of living, they create some of the most beautiful and shocking changes in texture and pattern but when left as unfinished gaps in the whole, they leave part of me unsecure and that does not serve me.  Every experience has had its place, however hard.  Every experience has had its time, however long.  And every experience also has its need to be healed, repaired, filled with love, and made part of the entirety. 


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Day 42


My life’s work and efforts are meaningful because I give them meaning

I do not look to others or the world to validate my purpose.


I have often said I want to do something meaningful with my life…to make a difference,  to change the world in some small or big way.   And when choosing a path of effort, I often ask myself, “Is this meaningful?  Will it make a difference?”   The reality is that I may never know if what I do makes a difference but if it’s meaningful to me then it is meaningful.  Too often we look for the applause or payback from the world to determine our effort’s meaning and worth.   How many (now famous) persons went to their graves without feeling that they did something truly meaningful only because  while they were alive the world didn’t validate them or their work.  They relied and waited on the external to define what was meaningful about their lives.    The only person who can decide if what I do is meaningful is me.  Only I can validate myself.  

Van Gogh’s Irises

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Day 41


I am perfectly imperfect just the way I am

I accept my humanness and my shadows as part of the divine gift of life.


Spiritual perfectionism is an easy trap to fall into.  Most of us who have embarked on the spiritual quest will find ourselves there at least once, being so unbearably hard on ourselves for being human, instead of just embracing the journey, shadows and all.    Today I will stop beating myself up for not being balanced or centered or a perfect specimen of spiritual harmony. I will stop belittling myself if I’ve “missed the mark.”    Just for today I will stop trying so hard to be aligned and attuned and authentic and just BE the imperfectly perfect me I am.

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Day 40


I am fired up and eager
I am ready to take on the world
I express optimism
I am enthusiastic about life today


Enthusiasm is derived from the Greek word ‘entheos’, literally meaning ‘in’ (en) ‘god’ (theos).  To be enthusiastic about life is to be experiencing from your Divine-self, or Godself.   That means lively, eagerly, with absolute optimism.  Today is about cliché’s… enjoying the ride, taking the bull by the horns, living like there’s no tomorrow,  and seeing the world through rose-colored glasses.  Even if I didn’t start this day feeling so over the top excited, I can step into it.  I only need to choose.  Today I will feel at my best and expect nothing less. 

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Day 38


I will never again let life tell me, “no.”


It’s so easy to quit fighting when met by obstacles.  Or to give up when it seems like trying is all you’re doing, never succeeding.   Or to feel like a victim to life.  Who hasn’t been there?   Today I’m reminded of the woman who taught me the meaning of empowerment.   Frida survived both World Wars while living in eastern Europe, and an abusive marriage.   Many times, she told me, she wanted to die, “but something inside me couldn’t quit.”  Eventually she left Europe and her husband, started her own business and a new life.   She thrived, became very successful and lived a full 97 years of life.   I asked her once what got her through all the hard times.   “You listen and I tell you,” she said. “No matter what I go through I know I always have my God.   And, I know I am here for a reason or else I would be dead, so it is my job to find a reason.”   Then she took my face in her hands and that little woman, just barely four and a half feet tall,  in her thick Hungarian accent said, “I never let life tell me no.  I made life say yes to me!”    When I’m crumbling under the weight of experience or life wants to know what I’m made of, instead of backing down, I will stand tall and courageous, with the wisdom of a heroine to encourage me.  

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Day 37


When others speak I don’t just hear them, I listen.

I do not interrupt.


Today’s affirmation sounds like a plea I heard from Mrs. Bell, my kindergarten teacher, but it’s a lesson I’ve never totally learned.   Maybe this sounds familiar– you’re listening to someone talk when suddenly you have something to say.   You switch from listening to the content of their words to listening for a break in the flow of them so that you can interject.  Just when you think that golden opportunity has arrived,  you jump headfirst into the conversation gap only to realize it wasn’t really your turn, the other person just hesitated for a nano-second and you’ve interrupted.   Two people talking means no one is listening.  Interrupting is rude, there’s no other way around it.  It sends the message that what I have to say is more important than what you are  saying, which is absurd.   I esteem to be an ever better listener, listening so well that when it is my turn to speak, I might even be unprepared!   Hey, I believe in miracles.

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Day 36


I refuse to let the fears of yesterday be the fears of my tomorrow.


As my brain throws out reasons for me to feel threatened or afraid based on something I experienced in the past, I will pause and ask myself, “Is there a real threat here now or is this a learned response?”   I intend to be sincere with myself and admit if my response is simply an emotional habit.    If it is, I’ll recognize it and let it go.  If I don’t, I may turn some wonderful opportunities into problems they aren’t. 

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Day 35


I surrender to the mystery of not-knowing how things will turn out.

I let go my need to have certainty and control.


None of us can know with any certainty what tomorrow may bring.  The best we can do is count on it arriving and then let ourselves be accepting of the unknown.  In a world where ‘taking control’ and ‘being in charge’ are held in esteem, it can be hard to accept the I-don’t-know factor that is innate to life.  Choosing and acting upon our choices is necessary but so is allowing things to unfold in their most natural, resistant free way.   The mysteries of life were once held sacred, revered as those conditions where everything and nothing resides, where the Divine resides.  It would serve humanity well to again embrace the mystery of not-knowing as a sacred trust placed in the heart of God.  When we surrender that need to know and the need to control, we allow ourselves a rare chance to breathe, minds free, hearts open.  We can experience the natural rhythms of life as they move thru us.   When we surrender to the mystery we find serenity, comfort, and ease.   Today I will catch myself having controlling, need-to-know thoughts and immediately release them.  I will feel the pressure leave me, as my head lightens, my shoulders drop and my stomach relaxes.   I will allow my grasp to be freed and give (at least one) of those reins to the Universe to hold. 

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Day 34


I am grateful for every good thing in my life.

I am grateful for every challenge in my life.

I am grateful for every opportunity for growth I am given.


It’s easy enough to feel grateful for things like loving friends, a fulfilling job, and a warm place to sleep. Harder, is feeling grateful for a struggle or a challenging person yet these have always been my greatest teachers, offering me unsurpassed growth potential.  Today I intend to feel grateful for every struggle or challenge I face…. and the gift, not yet revealed, that lies within it.  I will remember that it is to the mire the lotus owes its beauty.


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Day 32


I let go of regret.

I make mistakes, learn from them and move on with responsibility and grace.


I think everyone can look back on a time when they believe they could have made a better choice.    How often  people say, “If I had it to do over again…”  But even if we could go back and have a do-over,  we would always make the same choices (unless we could take our current awareness back with us, and we can’t).  Decisions are based on all that’s available in the moment they’re made: our hopes, our fears, the world and people around us, everything that led up to that moment and everything we think in that moment about our future…. The only way any choice made could ever be made differently is if the circumstances that went into that decision were also different.   We’d have to go back to our very first breath.  So what to do then with all those woulda’, coulda’, shoulda’ thoughts?   The only thing anyone can do is take the past and embrace it as a learning experience.  Be appropriately sorry perhaps, but see it as an experience that is a part of the learning to be and become better than who we were yesterday.  Today I embrace one of my so-called regrets and let it go, knowing things could not, as the universe was set up at that time, have been any different.  I give thanks for the opportunity to learn from hindsight and determine to use my experience to make better choices in the future.   I take responsibility for my past choices but regret only cripples.  Today I let it go.

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