I’m All Ears

Day 37


When others speak I don’t just hear them, I listen.

I do not interrupt.


Today’s affirmation sounds like a plea I heard from Mrs. Bell, my kindergarten teacher, but it’s a lesson I’ve never totally learned.   Maybe this sounds familiar– you’re listening to someone talk when suddenly you have something to say.   You switch from listening to the content of their words to listening for a break in the flow of them so that you can interject.  Just when you think that golden opportunity has arrived,  you jump headfirst into the conversation gap only to realize it wasn’t really your turn, the other person just hesitated for a nano-second and you’ve interrupted.   Two people talking means no one is listening.  Interrupting is rude, there’s no other way around it.  It sends the message that what I have to say is more important than what you are  saying, which is absurd.   I esteem to be an ever better listener, listening so well that when it is my turn to speak, I might even be unprepared!   Hey, I believe in miracles.

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