Meaningful By Choice

Day 42


My life’s work and efforts are meaningful because I give them meaning

I do not look to others or the world to validate my purpose.


I have often said I want to do something meaningful with my life…to make a difference,  to change the world in some small or big way.   And when choosing a path of effort, I often ask myself, “Is this meaningful?  Will it make a difference?”   The reality is that I may never know if what I do makes a difference but if it’s meaningful to me then it is meaningful.  Too often we look for the applause or payback from the world to determine our effort’s meaning and worth.   How many (now famous) persons went to their graves without feeling that they did something truly meaningful only because  while they were alive the world didn’t validate them or their work.  They relied and waited on the external to define what was meaningful about their lives.    The only person who can decide if what I do is meaningful is me.  Only I can validate myself.  

Van Gogh’s Irises

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