Filling in the Gaps

Day 44


I am repairing the holes in my experience, filling them with love.


A life is like a tapestry, woven of many experiences, each creating a part of the whole.  Some are vibrant, some are dull, some are of fine silk, others scratchy wool.   And some create the effect of a hole in our fabric.  From loss, heartache, missed opportunities, accidents or maybe just from neglect, they leave a painful reminder that make the whole feel forever vulnerable and able to unravel with just the wrong tug.  I don’t want holes in my life’s tapestry; I want a well lived but well united weave.  I will find those holes, one at a time and fill them.  I will fill them with love, a love that will replace the anger, pain, sorrow, blame or guilt that have kept them gaping.  Pains are part of the experience of living, they create some of the most beautiful and shocking changes in texture and pattern but when left as unfinished gaps in the whole, they leave part of me unsecure and that does not serve me.  Every experience has had its place, however hard.  Every experience has had its time, however long.  And every experience also has its need to be healed, repaired, filled with love, and made part of the entirety.

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