Listening to Inner Guidance

Day 53


I trust and listen to my inner guidance.

My inner guidance always works for my highest potential and from love.


It can be called God, Guardian Angel, Higher Self, Spirit Guide, intuition, knowing, sixth sense, or gut feeling.  Sometimes that guidance comes as nudge, a sign, a voice, a feeling, or an instinct.  Whatever we call it and however it manifests, everyone has their own inner guidance.  It can be hard to trust that inner wisdom when it speaks but with time and trust, one can learn to rely on it under any circumstances.  Inner guidance is always loving and never encourages any choice that would cause harm to the self or others.  Inner guidance may not always be logical but it always turns out to be in our best interest.  Inner guidance is not from the ego, it is from the soul. Again, inner guidance never does anything but promote that which is good, loving, and in harmony with the Divine.   I commit to relying on my inner guidance to help me make decisions and pursue my life’s highest expression.    I will trust my inner guidance, more and more each day, realizing that it will never lead me astray.

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