Saying Thank You

Day 88 Affirmation: When someone offers me a compliment I will accept their words with a smile and a simple “Thank you.”                                          ________________________________________ Have you ever really listened to the way most people accept a compliment?  Very often it sounds something like this- (In response to,  “Your hair looks great today.”)  “Really?  It’s sort of flat…”  … More Saying Thank You

Engaging Creation

Day 71 Affirmation: When I am creating I am at-one with the Divine. I choose to consciously engage creation in my life.                          ________________ Creation is the process of bringing forth something new.  When we create we engage our own inner divinity as a Creator.  It doesn’t matter what we are creating.   Every time we cook, … More Engaging Creation

What Love Isn’t

Day 67 Affirmation: Love is not self-centered. Love is not petty.  Love is not about taking. Love is not about who is wrong. Love is not about control. Love is not about possession. Love is not about the ego.         _____________ Even if love was the glue that created the original bond, fear (and its related emotions) often squeeze … More What Love Isn’t

Silver Lining Gratitude

Day 65 Affirmation: I have so much to be grateful for. I find reasons to be thankful in every situation.                          _________________ Every day may not see the fulfillment of my dreams, but every day holds much to be grateful for.  I can be upset that the price of fuel is almost more than I … More Silver Lining Gratitude

Let Go and Let God…Out

Day 64 Affirmation: I am always connected to my Source. I keep my heart open so that I can share my spark of the Divine with the world.                                           _________________________ My intention for today is to remember that I am not separate from my Source (God/HigherSelf/Love/Light).  I do not have to open myself up in order … More Let Go and Let God…Out

Good Vibrations

Day 63 Affirmation: I feel great. I am happy. I am uplifted and positive. Life is good.    _______ No matter what is going on in the world around us, with just a little bit of effort we can maintain a positive attitude and a high energetic vibration, and it is important we do. We may find … More Good Vibrations

Embracing Fear

Day 59 Affirmation: I embrace my fears so that I can let them go.                   ____________________ The best way to overcome a fear is not to convince oneself that it is unreasonable, an imagining, unrealistic or unfounded.   We don’t overcome our fears by ignoring them or pushing against them.  We overcome fear when we face … More Embracing Fear