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Day 88


When someone offers me a compliment I will accept their words with a smile and a simple “Thank you.”


Have you ever really listened to the way most people accept a compliment?  Very often it sounds something like this- (In response to,  “Your hair looks great today.”)  “Really?  It’s sort of flat…”  or “Thanks, I got lucky, most of time it doesn’t quite do what I want it to do…”  or “Oh, it’s out of control.  I really need it cut…”     Another example is this- (In response to, “Wow, you’re really talented.”)   “Oh I don’t know…”   or  “I try but I have a long way to go…” or “Really? You think so?”    Why is it so hard for the average person to accept a compliment?  Because we don’t believe we’ve earned it.  We don’t believe we are worthy of it.  We don’t believe whatever they are saying is true because we ourselves don’t believe it.   Most compliment responses include some sort of negation, justification, denial, argument, disbelief, or a brushing it off with a joke.   A compliment is a gift and it needs to be accepted as one.   Today I will listen to how I respond to the kind words of others.  I will practice, consciously and with great effort, saying nothing more than, “Thank you.”   It will probably feel odd but I will work to get used to it!


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Day 74


I do not seek validation of my worth from others.  I know I am worthy. 

I do not seek confirmation of my purpose from others.  I have my own sense of purpose.

I do not seek affirmation of my presence in the world from others. I am aware of my own presence.

I do not seek acceptance of my authentic nature from others.  I know I AM.


Too often we look to the outside world to provide what we can only truly receive from within.  When we rely on the external to give us what we should cultivate from within, we become dependent upon that external source.  If that source is then removed, so too is some aspect of our sense of self.  For example, if I receive validation of my worth from the outer world, all is fine until that outer source of validation is gone.  Once gone, I will find myself lacking in worthiness.    What we base our sense of self on must originate internally and then be supported by the external, not the other way around.

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Day 71


When I am creating I am at-one with the Divine.

I choose to consciously engage creation in my life.


Creation is the process of bringing forth something new.  When we create we engage our own inner divinity as a Creator.  It doesn’t matter what we are creating.   Every time we cook, draw, write, solve a problem, have an idea, imagine, plan, garden, or make up a bedtime story, we are creating.   Every time a pot of coffee is made, something that did not exist a moment before is created.  Each time a mathematical problem is solved, an answer is created.   Humans have unlimited powers of creation but often think in terms of grand results when thinking themselves creators.   To the Universe, the creation of an amoeba is no less signficant than any other creation, just because an amoeba is so small.  Creating a hi-rise building does not engage the creative process any more than creating a quilt….for a doll house.   Engaging in some act of creation, by choice and consciously, opens a channel for the Divine to work with us, and for us to connect to our authentic natures, more readily. 


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Day 67


Love is not self-centered.

Love is not petty. 

Love is not about taking.

Love is not about who is wrong.

Love is not about control.

Love is not about possession.

Love is not about the ego.


Even if love was the glue that created the original bond, fear (and its related emotions) often squeeze love out, allowing the ego to take over the  relationship.   When that happens, control issues, possessiveness, and self-centeredness threaten to dominate the landscape.  Love is not about, “What’s in it for me.”  Love says, “What can I do for you.”  Love is never about taking;  it is about giving (which means receiving too).   Love doesn’t fight for control or power in a relationship; it empowers.  Love isn’t a struggle for rights; it’s the ultimate union (which knows the importance of collective bargaining).  Love is not a cage; it is without boundaries, promoting unlimited growth in its partners.   Love is never about the ego, but always about the heart.

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Day 65


I have so much to be grateful for.

I find reasons to be thankful in every situation.


Every day may not see the fulfillment of my dreams, but every day holds much to be grateful for.  I can be upset that the price of fuel is almost more than I can afford, or I can be grateful that I have a car.  I can be upset that my body is ailing, or I can be grateful that I have access to health care.  I can be upset that my partner forgot our dinner plans, or I can be grateful that I have someone to work through such issues with.  No matter what seems to be wrong,  I will remember the words, “could be worse”,  and be grateful for all that is RIGHT and beautiful in my life.

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Day 64


I am always connected to my Source.

I keep my heart open so that I can share my spark of the Divine with the world.


My intention for today is to remember that I am not separate from my Source (God/HigherSelf/Love/Light).  I do not have to open myself up in order to “let God in”.  God is ALREADY in. I must open myself up in order to let God OUT.  And when I do, I allow God to love thru my heart all those I meet… Including the one I meet in the mirror.

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Day 63


I feel great.

I am happy.

I am uplifted and positive.

Life is good.


No matter what is going on in the world around us, with just a little bit of effort we can maintain a positive attitude and a high energetic vibration, and it is important we do. We may find ourselves inundated with negativity, bad news, or miserable people but joining them serves no one.   Dropping my vibration down to the levels of others, for any reason, means I am of no help to them or the situation– to uplift others I must be of a higher vibration.   Periodically throughout the day, I can realign myself in a positive energy and higher vibration.  I can do quick meditations and clearing exercises wherever I am.  I can move into my heart easily by thinking about people, places, and things that evoke love.   Even taking a moment to remember a loving occassion can raise my vibration.  Pausing to feel gratitude will also keep my energy high.  Whatever I can do to keep my energies loving and positive will help me, others, and the world around me.  

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Day 61


I understand and accept that there are many paths in life.

I appreciate the diversity created by a world of choice.

I respect the choices of others even if I do not understand them.


Human beings are blessed with free choice, a gift we often wish to keep for ourselves and deny others.   There is no one right way to travel through life; there are as many paths as there are minds to conceive of them.    What is right for me, may not be right for anyone else; I do not know the soul’s journey another person has committed to, their life experiences, or their belief system.  I will stand in opposition of another only when their choices violate my own ability to choose, or the free choice of others.  In all other ways, I respect the choices others make as their own.  Opposing and divergent views create the contrast and diversity the mosaic of creation thrives on.

Today I remind myself to express tolerance and respect for the choices and expressions of others, rather than judgement.

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Day 60


I release the expectations I place on others.

I seek to control only my own behaviour.


It is easy to become frustrated when others do not act in ways appropriate to my expectations.   If I have expectations of consideration and I am ignored, I am likely to feel badly.  If I have expectations of receiving a gift and none arrives, I am likely to be disappointed, hurt and frustrated.  Whatever my expectations are, I must recognize that they are based on MY beliefs, feelings, previous experiences, moral, values, ethics, ideals, dreams and more.  My expectations are a reflection of ME and to place them on another, especially if they haven’t been informed of them as a guideline that I’ve set for THEIR behaviour, is unfair and unjust.  I can not control the behaviour of others.  I can not force someone else to adhere to my expections.  I can only, myself, act in congruence with my own expectations.  If I expect courtesy, I must be courteous.  If I expect kindness and respect, I must give kindness and respect.   I will allow others to be and act in accordance with their own beliefs, feelings, morals, values, ideals, dreams and previous experiences.  I will not allow myself to be mistreated but I will also not mistreat others by placing my guidelines for behaviour upon them.    I always have the choice to disassociate with those whom I am not in rapport with.  I can always choose my response, but it is not my place to choose another’s. 

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Day 59


I embrace my fears so that I can let them go.


The best way to overcome a fear is not to convince oneself that it is unreasonable, an imagining, unrealistic or unfounded.   We don’t overcome our fears by ignoring them or pushing against them.  We overcome fear when we face it, embrace it and accept its possibility (even if unrealistic).  Trying to convince myself not to be afraid will never make me unafraid, but taking my fear as a ‘worst case scenario’, imagining the result of its manifestation, realizing the world will not end ‘if’ and accepting it,  will allow me to move on.   The adage, “what we resist, persists” applies to fear.     I can only let my fears go when I accept them.

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