Respecting the Choices of Others

(Recommended companion reading for this affirmation)

Day 61


I understand and accept that there are many paths in life.

I appreciate the diversity created by a world of choice.

I respect the choices of others even if I do not understand them.


Human beings are blessed with free choice, a gift we often wish to keep for ourselves and deny others.   There is no one right way to travel through life; there are as many paths as there are minds to conceive of them.    What is right for me, may not be right for anyone else; I do not know the soul’s journey another person has committed to, their life experiences, or their belief system.  I will stand in opposition of another only when their choices violate my own ability to choose, or the free choice of others.  In all other ways, I respect the choices others make as their own.  Opposing and divergent views create the contrast and diversity the mosaic of creation thrives on.

Today I remind myself to express tolerance and respect for the choices and expressions of others, rather than judgement.

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