Good Vibrations

Day 63


I feel great.

I am happy.

I am uplifted and positive.

Life is good.


No matter what is going on in the world around us, with just a little bit of effort we can maintain a positive attitude and a high energetic vibration, and it is important we do. We may find ourselves inundated with negativity, bad news, or miserable people but joining them serves no one.   Dropping my vibration down to the levels of others, for any reason, means I am of no help to them or the situation– to uplift others I must be of a higher vibration.   Periodically throughout the day, I can realign myself in a positive energy and higher vibration.  I can do quick meditations and clearing exercises wherever I am.  I can move into my heart easily by thinking about people, places, and things that evoke love.   Even taking a moment to remember a loving occassion can raise my vibration.  Pausing to feel gratitude will also keep my energy high.  Whatever I can do to keep my energies loving and positive will help me, others, and the world around me.  

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