Engaging Creation

Day 71


When I am creating I am at-one with the Divine.

I choose to consciously engage creation in my life.


Creation is the process of bringing forth something new.  When we create we engage our own inner divinity as a Creator.  It doesn’t matter what we are creating.   Every time we cook, draw, write, solve a problem, have an idea, imagine, plan, garden, or make up a bedtime story, we are creating.   Every time a pot of coffee is made, something that did not exist a moment before is created.  Each time a mathematical problem is solved, an answer is created.   Humans have unlimited powers of creation but often think in terms of grand results when thinking themselves creators.   To the Universe, the creation of an amoeba is no less signficant than any other creation, just because an amoeba is so small.  Creating a hi-rise building does not engage the creative process any more than creating a quilt….for a doll house.   Engaging in some act of creation, by choice and consciously, opens a channel for the Divine to work with us, and for us to connect to our authentic natures, more readily. 


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