Grow the Reality You Want

Day 114 Affirmation: I keep my thoughts positive and on what is right, working, and abundant in my life. If  a negative thought enters my mind, I do not give it any merit or attention, I replace it with a positive thought. I put my mental and emotional attention on the thoughts that promote  joy, happiness, feeling good, … More Grow the Reality You Want

I Am the Perfection

Day 111 Affirmation: I am the Perfection. I am like a diamond and my life is its brilliance.                        _______________ It is ALL here, within me, and always has been.  It is ALL there, within you, and always has been.  Every amazing and wonderful thing we wish to be, we already are.   We were created from Perfection … More I Am the Perfection

Taking a Chance

Day 109 Affirmation: Today I make up my mind that I will do just one thing I have long wanted to do, and will daily takes steps toward making it happen.   I make a committment to myself to take this chance and believe that I can make this happen.   When I make a committment,  I … More Taking a Chance

Saying Yes to Money

Day 108 Affirmation: Having abundant financial resources is a blessing and a gift. Having money offers freedom, security, and opportunities that promote living my life to its fullest potential. I like having a lot of money. I release all my negative beliefs about money and embrace having money as a gift to my life experience.                                       ________________ … More Saying Yes to Money

Empowered Not Overpowering

Day 103 Affirmation: I am empowered, but not controlling. I am strong, but gentle. I am confident, but never arrogant.            _______________ It can be a fine line between being strong, confident, capable, and self-assured, and being domineering, arrogant, controlling,  and overpowering.   The first set of qualities are representative of a self-empowered and heart-centered person.  The second set … More Empowered Not Overpowering

Would I say it to their face?

Day 97 Affirmation: I engage in right speech. I do not say anything away from someone that I would not say to their face.                                         ________________________ No one likes to imagine, think, or know that they are being talked about behind their back.   Yet we have all done so to another, at least once in … More Would I say it to their face?

Walking With God

Day 95 Affirmation: I take daily walks with The Divine.                        ________ When I am experiencing love, I am walking with my Source.  When I see beauty, feel compassion, place my trust in faith, or feel joy, I am walking with The Presence.  When I love, love other humans, love the planet, or love a … More Walking With God

Speaking From the Heart

Day 94 Affirmation: When I say the words  ‘I love you’  I say them with feeling.                               _________________ Imagine this phone call: “Ok, I have to run but it was nice talking to you.” “You too.  We’ll talk again soon.  Love you.” “Love you too, bye.” Imagine this morning send off: “Have a great day, hon.” “I … More Speaking From the Heart

What Makes Me Special?

Day 89 Affirmation: I have an amazing gift to give the world! I resolve to share my unique gift as part of my life’s purpose! I will let nothing and no one deter me from sharing my unique gift!                                        ______________________ Everyone has at least one gift that makes them unique.  Ask yourself, “What is … More What Makes Me Special?