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Day 114


I keep my thoughts positive and on what is right, working, and abundant in my life.

If  a negative thought enters my mind, I do not give it any merit or attention, I replace it with a positive thought.

I put my mental and emotional attention on the thoughts that promote  joy, happiness, feeling good, peace, harmony, gratitude, well-being, empowerment, and love.


Every time you have a thought you plant a seed in your mind that has the potential to grow and become part of your physical experience.  This is how you create your world, your tomorrows and your next moments, with your thoughts, planting one seed at a time.  The attention we give to those thought-seeds is the fertilizer they need to grow.  If a thought merely passes through one’s consciousness, it is unlikely to ever become a manifested experience.  But if a thought-seed is fed one’s attention, it is being nurtured and it will begin to grow roots.  When the attention we place on our  thought-seed is imbued with emotion, we are feeding it with the most powerful fertilizer and is likely to sprout into physical reality.  If I have a thought such as, “I am without love.”  I have planted a “without love” seed.   If  I give that thought-seed my continued attention and focus, and if I have strong emotions accompanying my attention, that seed will likely become a manifested  experience of being or feeling “without love” in my physical world.   This is why it can be so hard to lift ourselves out of a negative state of mind.  Every negative thought plants a seed that produces more of the same, leaving us spiraling in a difficult direction.   This is also why it is so important to think thoughts of what we want, what we love, what we hope for more of, what we dream of having, and of what is right, functioning, and abundant in our lives.  By planting positive thought-seeds, we are growing more of what we love, want, and are grateful for in our lives and experiences.   No one grows corn by planting onions. 


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Day 113


I respect the choices of others and ask the same of them.

I walk the path to wholeness that is right for me.


There are as many spiritual paths as there are travelers.   No singular way can be right for every person- each  heart and every soul are in search of their own unique home.  Buddhism, Judaism, Muslim, Shinto, Gnosticism, New Age Spirituality, Wicca, and the thousands of other paths to wholeness,  each hold merit for the one who has chosen it.  It is important to follow the road (or roads) that meet the needs of your inner being, regardless of the opinions of others.  It is equally important that we ask that our choices be respected.   And,  just as we ourselves ask for respect, so too must we respect the way of others.  On this day, as many choose to honor one of the world’s great teachers-Yeshua ben Joseph /Jesus-  we can appreciate his messages of loving respect and tolerance  “Judge not, that you be not judged.” (Matthew 7:1).  And, “And as you would have that men should treat you,  treat them likewise.”  (Luke 6:31).  And,   “Love your neighbor as yourself.”  (Matthew 22:39)

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Day 111


I am the Perfection.

I am like a diamond and my life is its brilliance.


It is ALL here, within me, and always has been.  It is ALL there, within you, and always has been.  Every amazing and wonderful thing we wish to be, we already are.   We were created from Perfection and carry that Perfection within our beings.  Therefore we too are as the Perfection-whole, complete and unbroken.  Some of us have forgotten, and we can only exhibit as much of the Perfection in our lives, as we allow ourselves to believe we are.  We were born as Perfection and will die as Perfection.   And somewhere in between,  if we’re paying just a hint of attention,  we are reminded who we are and what that Perfection is capable of.   

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Day 109


Today I make up my mind that I will do just one thing I have long wanted to do, and will daily takes steps toward making it happen.  

I make a committment to myself to take this chance and believe that I can make this happen.  

When I make a committment,  I keep it. 

I’m going for it.


Think of just one thing you have long wanted to do, see, experience, learn, try or even wear, and write it down.  Stare at your words and now, firmly intent on achieving your desire, make a committment to daily take steps toward its realization.  And take that first step today.  The first step might be information gathering, or announcing your decision to others you need support from, but force yourself to take whatever first step you can.  Then applaud yourself- you are own your way.  You’ve made a committment to yourself and you will honour it.   Every day do something, anything, to engage or promote the fulfillment of your desire.  And above all else, believe it will come to be.  Let nothing deter you.  If you don’t think others will be supportive, don’t tell them.  Enlist and engage only those who will encourage you.  Do not let self-doubt, fear, or what others might think, hold you back.  Go for it, it’s your life, no one else’s.  Be open to the guidance and support of the Universe, which, if you believe in your goal, will do everything possible to help you reach it.  If you are looking,  you will see evidence of that support all around you in the form of synchronicities, coincidences, aha moments, and other divinely timed miracles.  Take a chance, starting today. 

A few regret trying; a great many regret never trying.

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Day 108


Having abundant financial resources is a blessing and a gift.

Having money offers freedom, security, and opportunities that promote living my life to its fullest potential.

I like having a lot of money.

I release all my negative beliefs about money and embrace having money as a gift to my life experience.


Money is the root of all evil.  We’ve all heard it.  Many believe it.  And it’s not true.  The roots of evil are pain, fear, anger, hatred and other out-of-control negative emotions.   Yes, the pursuit of plenty can distract us from a more meaning-full and heart-centered path, just as overindulgence in any earthly gift can, but money itself has no more power than a tissue.   It is what we humans do with it and for it, that is either positive or not.   In fact, it is usually the LACK of money that causes distress and negativity, not the having.  

Having abundant money and wealth can and should be a good thing.  Having abundant re$ources can do three key things-offer freedom, promote physical security and wellness, and create opportunities.  For many, that can also equate to having peace of mind.    

The first step toward being in financial abundance is to believe that having money and wealth is a good thing.  Know what your core beliefs about money are.  Do you believe that those who want abundant wealth are greedy?  Do you think that liking to have money is superficial, shallow, materialistic or counter to a spiritual life?  Do you believe money promotes evil-doing and ill will?   Do you feel that having enough money is good, but that no one should have too much?  If you wish for financial abundance in your experience, you must believe that having money and being wealthy are good and positive attributes.   If any of today’s affirmations are hard to say (and mean), consider that you have a resistant belief that needs to be recognized and changed.   And remember this simple truth-the more you have, the more you have to give.

Say Yes to Money

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Day 107


I thank the Universe for giving me a place in the world today.  I accept and look forward to all the miracles that await me.


Thank You for another glorious day of life so that I can again work toward the fulfillment of my purpose.


I intend to experience a wonderful, expansive, passionate day today.  I will let nothing stop me from having a great day.


Imagine heading off on a hike or a sailing journey without setting a course.  It could be a pretty dangerous trek, or at the very least be  filled with aimless wandering.   Starting the day without an intention is much the same.  An intention, clearly stated and affirmed, sets your course for the day.  Sure, you can still go off track, but there’s a better chance of staying on course when it’s begun with some direction.  Ideally, an intention for the day is set before ever getting out of bed, before the sights and sounds of the outer world have a chance to distract the mind.  An intention might sound like this, “Thank you for this day and my place in it.  I intend to have a day filled with gratitude.”   Another wonderful intention is, “With an open heart, I welcome this day and the amazing gifts that await me.”   Not only does an intention set first thing in the morning align you with your goal, but it also aligns you with positive emotional energy, and that’s a great beginning to any day.   If you’re one of those people who lays in bed lamenting that you don’t want to get up,  you’ll find setting an intention particularly useful for shifting your resistant thoughts.   Set the intention that feels right for you, take a deep breath, and then let it unfold, moment by beautiful moment.

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Day 103


I am empowered, but not controlling.

I am strong, but gentle.

I am confident, but never arrogant.


It can be a fine line between being strong, confident, capable, and self-assured, and being domineering, arrogant, controlling,  and overpowering.   The first set of qualities are representative of a self-empowered and heart-centered person.  The second set of qualities describe a power-needing and ego-centered person.   It can be easy to move across the line that separates the two. 

Anytime that something causes one to feel threatened or unsafe, the ego seeks to move into its self-preservation role.  When it does, a transition from empowered to needing power occurs.  Sometimes the line is crossed when a person who is finding their sense-of-self for the first time overcompensates, inadvertently finding themselves feeling arrogant, rather than empowered.  With conscious attention to one’s actions, thoughts, and intentions, being firmly grounded in empowerment is possible.  Over time, the heart-centered place will become a comfortable lifestyle and habit, such that even the slightest dip into the lower energies of the ego will be quickly noticed and changes made accordingly.   

Remember, empowered is NEVER overpowering. 

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Day 101


Even if I am sinking in the negativity of a situation, I have the choice to lift myself out of the poison and be purified.

I would not choose to bathe in physical poison and I will not choose to bathe in emotional poison either. 

I choose to be purified and made better and stronger by life’s experiences.


Every difficult, challenging, and painful experience has the potential to both poison and purify.  When a situation poisons, it promotes negativity and toxic emotions.  It may cause us to become defensive, detached, or walled up.  Those who have been poisoned by their life experiences are often thought of as mean, bitter, resentful, or hurtful people.  Sometimes they are phobic, depressed or suicidal.  They may just be chronically unhappy, worried, or complaining.   When a situation purifies, it fosters positive emotions and well-being.  Someone who has been  purified by an experience is made better, stronger, more determined and more positive for it.   Those who have been purified have usually tasted the poison but have chosen to live without it.   People who have been purified by life are thought of as survivors, role models, and heroes.  They are the people who cause us to say, “I don’t know how he/she does it.   They are the ones who tell others to ‘make lemonade’.  You rarely hear them complain.  They exhibit an optimism and determination that allows them to be and be better for their trials.   So what makes the difference?  Choice.  Every experience that comes our way offers us a chance to become poisoned by negativity, or to be purified by the experience and better for it, but we alone decide which it will be.

Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric K. Shinseki poses with Jim Martinson, an Army veteran who won the gold medal in downhill skiing at the 1996 Paralympics in Albertville, France, at the 24th National Disabled American Veterans Winter Sports Clinic in Snowmass Village, Colo.


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Day 97


I engage in right speech.

I do not say anything away from someone that I would not say to their face.


No one likes to imagine, think, or know that they are being talked about behind their back.   Yet we have all done so to another, at least once in our lives.  One day I was speaking to my brother about a relative, who, it turned out, was standing right behind me.   What I was saying was not necessarily unkind, but it was not something I would have said directly to her.   I learned my lesson.   If I would not speak my words about another to their face, I should not speak them at all.  

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Day 95


I take daily walks with The Divine.


When I am experiencing love, I am walking with my Source.  When I see beauty, feel compassion, place my trust in faith, or feel joy, I am walking with The Presence.  When I love, love other humans, love the planet, or love a piece of music, I am walking with Divinity.   Any and every time I am experiencing love or any expression of love, I am walking hand-in-hand with God.   Today I begin the habit of being aware of this daily communion.


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Day 94


When I say the words  ‘I love you’  I say them with feeling.


Imagine this phone call:

Ok, I have to run but it was nice talking to you.”

“You too.  We’ll talk again soon.  Love you.”

“Love you too, bye.”

Imagine this morning send off:

“Have a great day, hon.”

“I will.  Bye.”

“See you later. I love you. Drive safe.”

Those are really nice and loving snippets of conversation.  And certainly all those loving words are spoken honestly.  But are they spoken with feeling, with the emotion of the love they profess?  How many times a day do we offer such beautiful loving words?  And of those times how often do we actually say them with feeling?   Verbally expressing love is a wonderful habit, but it can become a habit that lacks the full energy of its intention (love) if we’re not feeling the emotion of the love we are expressing.   Words can be spoken from the mouth, without deliberation or feeling, or they can be spoken from the heart, full of the emotion of their sentiment.  Before I say loving words, I will pause to feel them arise from my heart.  I will offer them with the energy of the love they express permeating their sound.

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Day 90


I set aside time to recall beautiful days gone by, but I LIVE in the moment that is now.


There is only this moment, the present, the now.  Everything that was, no longer is.   It can be fun to reminisce and recall cherished memories, but when the past dominates the thoughts, life is being missed.  Life can only be LIVED in the present moment.  New memories can only be created in the here and now.  Every time thoughts are placed in the past, the moment that is here and now is lost forever, and a chance to make a new memory is gone.  What is no longer NOW was a stepping stone of experience leading right up to this moment, which can be lived or lost.  How many moments do we want to lose by holding on to what was, reliving what was done, or dreaming of what could have been?  Today I intend to catch myself leaving the here and now to venture back in time.


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Day 89


I have an amazing gift to give the world!

I resolve to share my unique gift as part of my life’s purpose!

I will let nothing and no one deter me from sharing my unique gift!


Everyone has at least one gift that makes them unique.  Ask yourself, “What is there about me that makes me unique? What special skill, ability, talent, gift, or experience makes me different from everyone else?  What makes me stand out in a crowd?”  The answer to those questions is the gift you possess.  Once you reveal to yourself what your gift is, think of ways to share it.   The most authentic and happiest people are those who have revealed to themselves what their special gift to the world is, and have made a habit, career, hobby, or life purpose of sharing it.   Can’t figure out what your gift is?  Ask your friends, family and others who love you.   Write down their answers.  You might be very surprised to hear them all say the same thing or different things that have one common thread.    Let nothing deter you.  It doesn’t matter how much time or money you have, how many contacts or connections you know, or how old, young, or experienced you are,  there is never a good reason not to begin sharing your unique and individual gift with the world!   I begin now. 


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