Leaving Yesterday Behind

Day 90


I set aside time to recall beautiful days gone by, but I LIVE in the moment that is now.


There is only this moment, the present, the now.  Everything that was, no longer is.   It can be fun to reminisce and recall cherished memories, but when the past dominates the thoughts, life is being missed.  Life can only be LIVED in the present moment.  New memories can only be created in the here and now.  Every time thoughts are placed in the past, the moment that is here and now is lost forever, and a chance to make a new memory is gone.  What is no longer NOW was a stepping stone of experience leading right up to this moment, which can be lived or lost.  How many moments do we want to lose by holding on to what was, reliving what was done, or dreaming of what could have been?  Today I intend to catch myself leaving the here and now to venture back in time.


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