Speaking From the Heart

Day 94


When I say the words  ‘I love you’  I say them with feeling.


Imagine this phone call:

Ok, I have to run but it was nice talking to you.”

“You too.  We’ll talk again soon.  Love you.”

“Love you too, bye.”

Imagine this morning send off:

“Have a great day, hon.”

“I will.  Bye.”

“See you later. I love you. Drive safe.”

Those are really nice and loving snippets of conversation.  And certainly all those loving words are spoken honestly.  But are they spoken with feeling, with the emotion of the love they profess?  How many times a day do we offer such beautiful loving words?  And of those times how often do we actually say them with feeling?   Verbally expressing love is a wonderful habit, but it can become a habit that lacks the full energy of its intention (love) if we’re not feeling the emotion of the love we are expressing.   Words can be spoken from the mouth, without deliberation or feeling, or they can be spoken from the heart, full of the emotion of their sentiment.  Before I say loving words, I will pause to feel them arise from my heart.  I will offer them with the energy of the love they express permeating their sound.

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