Saying Yes to Money

Day 108


Having abundant financial resources is a blessing and a gift.

Having money offers freedom, security, and opportunities that promote living my life to its fullest potential.

I like having a lot of money.

I release all my negative beliefs about money and embrace having money as a gift to my life experience.


Money is the root of all evil.  We’ve all heard it.  Many believe it.  And it’s not true.  The roots of evil are pain, fear, anger, hatred and other out-of-control negative emotions.   Yes, the pursuit of plenty can distract us from a more meaning-full and heart-centered path, just as overindulgence in any earthly gift can, but money itself has no more power than a tissue.   It is what we humans do with it and for it, that is either positive or not.   In fact, it is usually the LACK of money that causes distress and negativity, not the having.  

Having abundant money and wealth can and should be a good thing.  Having abundant re$ources can do three key things-offer freedom, promote physical security and wellness, and create opportunities.  For many, that can also equate to having peace of mind.    

The first step toward being in financial abundance is to believe that having money and wealth is a good thing.  Know what your core beliefs about money are.  Do you believe that those who want abundant wealth are greedy?  Do you think that liking to have money is superficial, shallow, materialistic or counter to a spiritual life?  Do you believe money promotes evil-doing and ill will?   Do you feel that having enough money is good, but that no one should have too much?  If you wish for financial abundance in your experience, you must believe that having money and being wealthy are good and positive attributes.   If any of today’s affirmations are hard to say (and mean), consider that you have a resistant belief that needs to be recognized and changed.   And remember this simple truth-the more you have, the more you have to give.

Say Yes to Money

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