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Day 139


I am not afraid of death.

I embrace death as a change, not an ending.

When others die I mourn the illusion of our separation but rejoice in their return Home.


Death is an illusion.  It appears to be an ending, but it is no more than a transition, a change.  For those who leave the physical, that transition is a joyous Homecoming.  For those on their way however, it can be wrought with fear and apprehension.  It’s believed that more than 20% of the population of the United States fears death.  Fear of death can be so consuming, it inhibits living.  Those in the midst of the transition from physical to non-physical can cause themselves undue suffering if they are afraid, clinging to their physical forms longer than necessary.   Returning to the non-physical is a graduation, one that has often been hard-earned.  We can greatly enhance our own lives when we release our fears of death, but we can also enhance the experience of the dying when we let go our sense of finality and celebrate their transition.    

We do not die, we transform.



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Day 136


I stand in the present moment of my life, assessing and appreciating the abundant harvest that surrounds me.


What do you see when you look at your life?  Do you see the gifts, the glory, the generosity the world has bestowed on you?  Do you see today?  Or do you see tomorrow, what you have yet to face, or a myriad of certain yet-to-exist struggles?   Any of us can be the farmer who, when looking at his fields, abundant and thriving, immediately begins calculating the cost and effort to plant the next season’s crop.  Or we can stand next to our fertile lives, pausing to admire the bounty we have created for ourselves and that which the world shares with us.  It’s a choice.  What will you choose?          

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Day 135


I believe that giving and sharing with others is crucial part of the dance of existence.

I am generous toward others.

I always give just a bit more than feels comfortable, easy, or enough.


Charitable giving is one of the most beautiful aspects of humanity.  When we give something to others in need, we place ourselves squarely in our hearts and help uplift the whole of humanity.  Charitable giving reinforces the awareness that we truly are one human family, on one shared planet, intended to love and support one another whenever and however we can.   When it comes to how much we give, most of us have a comfort zone.  For years my number was twenty.  If I were donating to an organization, I always gave $20.  Twenty felt good.  Twenty felt like enough.  Twenty felt do-able.   Then one day I got a little nudge.   The inner voice said, “How about challenging yourself to give more than feels good to you?”  The idea to give beyond what feels easy, comfortable, do-able and enough, was born.   

When we give just a bit more than is easy,  giving becomes a transformative experience, taking us truly out of ourselves.   Giving  moves to a whole new level of authenticity.   The next time you get ready to make a checkout donation for a $1 ask yourself if you can push that gift a little further.  The next time you get ready to give to your favorite .org charity, consider what you’d planned to give, then consider going just an inch out of the comfort zone.  You’ll be amazed how good one small inch can feel to the heart! 

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Day 133


I have been blessed with the ability to smell, taste, touch, hear and see, and I gratefully and consciously use my senses to enjoy the physically world fully.


We use our senses all of the time, but most that use is by default, not conscious awareness.   It’s rare that any of us truly taste each bite of a meal.  Most touches (of things or people) are with little attention paid to what we are actually feeling in that touch.   Most of the time we take our senses for granted, such that it takes a strong or unusual experience to remind us that we’re using them at all.  A particularly foul smell, an annoyingly loud noise, an accidental bite of spoiled food- these catch our attention.  But we can choose to be more consciously aware of what we are touching, tasting, smelling, hearing and seeing, even the commonplace.  Try consciously tasting the water you drink after exercising, or smelling the clean towel you reach for.  You might be amazed at all the wonderful sensory gifts you’ve missed by operating on default.

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Day 131


Every step I take toward my goal, however slight or imperceptible, is itself the fulfillment of a goal. 

I rejoice daily in the progress I make toward the fulfillment of my dreams. 

I affirm achieving my goals, while acknowledging and applauding the process of getting there.


Humans tend toward goal orientation.  We ‘keep our eye on the ball’ and ‘never lose sight of the goal’.   Having a goal and working toward it are  fundamentally important aspects of creation, but they are only part of the puzzle.  The fulfillment of any goal is achieved only by the cumulative effects of effort, time and events.  Realizing the progress being made, relishing the small steps that make up a big journey, and applauding the daily movement forward, are every bit as important to achieving a desired outcome.   It can be hard to see progress when fixated on an end result, but progress happens daily, moment by moment, sometimes in ways hardly recognizable.  A chance meeting, an unexpected contact, a slight change of direction… all steps in the direction of fulfillment.  Make a daily habit of affirming your goal.  Doing so is an unquestionably powerful tool in the creative process.  Then add the daily habit of acknowledging the progress made along the way.  Feel empowered and encouraged by your own recognition of forward movement.   Even on those days when you can’t quite see how progress was made, believe with all your heart that it was and that you just don’t know how… yet.   

Applaud  the small achievements as much as the big result. 

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Day 129


I embrace and accept the light-ness and the dark-ness as essential forces comprising the whole of physical existence. 

I live in a harmonious acceptance of duality, learning from it, and growing into unity, through it.


Physical life is a never-ending interplay of the forces of duality, of light and dark.  How beautiful it would be to dance only in the light, the joy, the goodness and the glory, but in our world of two-ness and opposites, we can not, nor should we, avoid dancing in the dark.   By resisting or denying the experience of pain, suffering, and heartache in the world, we only deepen its hold on us.  We can only truly be free of darkness when we embrace it, when we accept its presence, when from it we achieve the greatness of compassion, charity, and forgiveness.  Accepting the dance of duality opens a space in the heart for unity.   Harmony is not found in only having, only loving, only knowing joy, it is found in appreciating the full spectrum of life, from love to hate, from joy to sorrow, from self-pity to gratitude.  Balance is not found in denial but in acceptance.  See life as this dance, a constant and necessary interplay of polarity and opposing forces, creating and destroying, coming together and tearing apart.  Embrace the whole of experience, the shadows and the source,  and you will begin to possess an equanimity that allows you to dance with the entirety.

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Day 128


I accept that sometimes I must let go in order to grow.

However difficult it can be, I respect loss as a part of expansion.


Imagine you are driving from Los Angeles to New York.  To prepare for the trip you will probably want to clean out the car.  You’ll make sure the trunk and back seat area have plenty of room for your luggage and anything you might collect along the way.   But what if the car is crammed full of stuff before you ever leave L.A?   You won’t have much room for anything new you might discover on your journey.   Well the journey through life is a lot like that journey across the United States.  You have to know when you’re overloaded with what you don’t need anymore, and let it go, in order to collect new experiences.  I’m talking about things like attachments to the past-old wounds, regrets and blame-and present attachments that are unproductive or unhealthy.  Sometimes a dream needs to die in order to make way for a new one.  Sometimes a hope must be let go of in order to realize something better.  Sometimes a relationship must be left in order to know a healthier or more meaningful experience.  Very often the losses we need to experience in order to know growth are not by our choice, but are thrust upon us.  A loss, however it is disguised, and by whatever means it arrives, is a signal for growth.  It is the removal of something you’ve held on to, in order that you might experience something else.  Letting go and loss are rarely experienced easily, but when resisted, the difficulty is only intensified and prolonged.  Surrender to loss, and let go of what is no longer useful, and you create space in your experience for new, unimagined opportunities for expansion, joy, and well-being.  

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Day 122


I have no need to control others.

I am empowered.

I do not give my power away to others.

I am empowered.


Empowerment is what we feel when we are feeling safe, self-confident, and are experiencing the world outside of our egos.  Empowerment  feels like a sanctuary where there is no threat and no need to threaten.  When we feel empowered we feel in control of ourselves and our lives, but are not controlling.  Empowerment is rooted in self-acceptance and self-love.  Empowerment is found halfway between the need to overpower others and the need to be overpowered. It is the harmonious balance between the two extremes.  Everything we do, think, and feel comes from one of these places.  During the course of a day one might move back and forth between them several times.   Become aware of the place you are acting, thinking, and feeling from by asking yourself, “Am  I choosing from empowerment or the need to control?”  “Am I feeling empowered or powerless?”    Guide yourself gently back to the balance point of empowerment if needed. 

Marilou Dozois-Prevost of Canada

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Day 121


I embrace and claim a life of abundance.

I am surrounded by unlimited abundance and connected to it all.

I joyfully recognize the abundant blessings that are mine in this moment.

I give thanks for the abundance in my life and that which is manifesting


To live in abundance we must live in abundance.  It sounds like a riddle but it’s no joke.   Spiritual laws and modern physics both teach us that what we put our attention on expands.   If my attention is on shortage and lack, shortage and lack will expand in my life.  If I put my attention on the abundance in my experience, abundance will expand.  Many find it difficult to focus on plenty when they have an area of lack in their lives (lack of love, money or health, for example) but to facilitate the shift from lack to abundance that is exactly what must be done.   Find what is right, what is present, what is good, what is abundant in your world and sing its praises.  Feel wealthy with what you have.  If need be, think about all those who have so much less, and let that by your perspective point.   No matter how bankrupt we feel in some area of our lives, we all have some aspect of that which we desire already in our experience.   Need a thousand but only have twenty?  Feel grateful for that twenty and all it offers.   It is SOMETHING.   Want a lover but only have a friend?  Let your heart swell with the abundance of love that friendship offers.  It is SOMETHING.   When you realize you have something and NOT nothing, that something can expand.  Whatever you have, embrace it, hold it in gratitude and in joy.   Let your attention fall upon how much is good and right and abundant and what is good and right and abundant will increase.

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Day 120


 Today and EVERY DAY I intend toward living a life in reverent beneficence to this planetary residence called “Mother Earth”.


The Earth is a living, breathing, pulsing manifestation of Light just as you and I are. She allows us to live upon her mantle and sup from the generous bounty of  her hearth.  She has given herself in service to humanity and we have repaid this generosity how?   Each of us has the ability to choose whether to continue to  be a parasite upon the planet, or live in a state of mutualism-benefitting both the earth and humanity.  It takes only one change in habits-recycling, giving up plastic water bottles, or using reusable shopping bags, for example- to make a change toward creating a healthier planet.   Let’s take one (or one more) step together, starting today. 

by Grateful Dead artist William Giese
                                                         Living Planet by Grateful Dead artist William Giese

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