Embracing Death as Change

Day 139 Affirmation: I am not afraid of death. I embrace death as a change, not an ending. When others die I mourn the illusion of our separation but rejoice in their return Home.                         ______________________ Death is an illusion.  It appears to be an ending, but it is no more than a transition, a … More Embracing Death as Change

Admire the Bounty

Day 136 Affirmation: I stand in the present moment of my life, assessing and appreciating the abundant harvest that surrounds me.                                    ______________________________ What do you see when you look at your life?  Do you see the gifts, the glory, the generosity the world has bestowed on you?  Do you see today?  Or do you … More Admire the Bounty

Giving Just A Bit More

Day 135 Affirmation: I believe that giving and sharing with others is crucial part of the dance of existence. I am generous toward others. I always give just a bit more than feels comfortable, easy, or enough.                     ____________________ Charitable giving is one of the most beautiful aspects of humanity.  When we give something to others … More Giving Just A Bit More

Using the Senses Consciously

Day 133 Affirmation: I have been blessed with the ability to smell, taste, touch, hear and see, and I gratefully and consciously use my senses to enjoy the physically world fully.                                  __________________________________ We use our senses all of the time, but most that use is by default, not conscious awareness.   It’s rare that any of … More Using the Senses Consciously

Rejoice in Progress

Day 131 Affirmation: Every step I take toward my goal, however slight or imperceptible, is itself the fulfillment of a goal.  I rejoice daily in the progress I make toward the fulfillment of my dreams.  I affirm achieving my goals, while acknowledging and applauding the process of getting there.                         ____________________ Humans tend toward goal … More Rejoice in Progress

The Dance of Duality

Day 129 Affirmation: I embrace and accept the light-ness and the dark-ness as essential forces comprising the whole of physical existence.  I live in a harmonious acceptance of duality, learning from it, and growing into unity, through it.                 _____________________________ Physical life is a never-ending interplay of the forces of duality, of light and dark.  … More The Dance of Duality

I Am Empowered

Day 122 Affirmation: I have no need to control others. I am empowered. I do not give my power away to others. I am empowered.                           ___________ Empowerment is what we feel when we are feeling safe, self-confident, and are experiencing the world outside of our egos.  Empowerment  feels like a sanctuary where there is … More I Am Empowered

Live in Abundance

Day 121 Affirmation: I embrace and claim a life of abundance. I am surrounded by unlimited abundance and connected to it all. I joyfully recognize the abundant blessings that are mine in this moment. I give thanks for the abundance in my life and that which is manifesting                                     ________________________ To live in abundance we … More Live in Abundance

Earth, A Living Planet

Day 120 Affirmation:  Today and EVERY DAY I intend toward living a life in reverent beneficence to this planetary residence called “Mother Earth”.                                _____________________________ The Earth is a living, breathing, pulsing manifestation of Light just as you and I are. She allows us to live upon her mantle and sup from the generous bounty of  … More Earth, A Living Planet