Rejoice in Progress

Day 131


Every step I take toward my goal, however slight or imperceptible, is itself the fulfillment of a goal. 

I rejoice daily in the progress I make toward the fulfillment of my dreams. 

I affirm achieving my goals, while acknowledging and applauding the process of getting there.


Humans tend toward goal orientation.  We ‘keep our eye on the ball’ and ‘never lose sight of the goal’.   Having a goal and working toward it are  fundamentally important aspects of creation, but they are only part of the puzzle.  The fulfillment of any goal is achieved only by the cumulative effects of effort, time and events.  Realizing the progress being made, relishing the small steps that make up a big journey, and applauding the daily movement forward, are every bit as important to achieving a desired outcome.   It can be hard to see progress when fixated on an end result, but progress happens daily, moment by moment, sometimes in ways hardly recognizable.  A chance meeting, an unexpected contact, a slight change of direction… all steps in the direction of fulfillment.  Make a daily habit of affirming your goal.  Doing so is an unquestionably powerful tool in the creative process.  Then add the daily habit of acknowledging the progress made along the way.  Feel empowered and encouraged by your own recognition of forward movement.   Even on those days when you can’t quite see how progress was made, believe with all your heart that it was and that you just don’t know how… yet.   

Applaud  the small achievements as much as the big result. 

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