Using the Senses Consciously

Day 133


I have been blessed with the ability to smell, taste, touch, hear and see, and I gratefully and consciously use my senses to enjoy the physically world fully.


We use our senses all of the time, but most that use is by default, not conscious awareness.   It’s rare that any of us truly taste each bite of a meal.  Most touches (of things or people) are with little attention paid to what we are actually feeling in that touch.   Most of the time we take our senses for granted, such that it takes a strong or unusual experience to remind us that we’re using them at all.  A particularly foul smell, an annoyingly loud noise, an accidental bite of spoiled food- these catch our attention.  But we can choose to be more consciously aware of what we are touching, tasting, smelling, hearing and seeing, even the commonplace.  Try consciously tasting the water you drink after exercising, or smelling the clean towel you reach for.  You might be amazed at all the wonderful sensory gifts you’ve missed by operating on default.

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