Giving Just A Bit More

Day 135


I believe that giving and sharing with others is crucial part of the dance of existence.

I am generous toward others.

I always give just a bit more than feels comfortable, easy, or enough.


Charitable giving is one of the most beautiful aspects of humanity.  When we give something to others in need, we place ourselves squarely in our hearts and help uplift the whole of humanity.  Charitable giving reinforces the awareness that we truly are one human family, on one shared planet, intended to love and support one another whenever and however we can.   When it comes to how much we give, most of us have a comfort zone.  For years my number was twenty.  If I were donating to an organization, I always gave $20.  Twenty felt good.  Twenty felt like enough.  Twenty felt do-able.   Then one day I got a little nudge.   The inner voice said, “How about challenging yourself to give more than feels good to you?”  The idea to give beyond what feels easy, comfortable, do-able and enough, was born.   

When we give just a bit more than is easy,  giving becomes a transformative experience, taking us truly out of ourselves.   Giving  moves to a whole new level of authenticity.   The next time you get ready to make a checkout donation for a $1 ask yourself if you can push that gift a little further.  The next time you get ready to give to your favorite .org charity, consider what you’d planned to give, then consider going just an inch out of the comfort zone.  You’ll be amazed how good one small inch can feel to the heart! 

Be charity smart:

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