Embracing Death as Change

Day 139


I am not afraid of death.

I embrace death as a change, not an ending.

When others die I mourn the illusion of our separation but rejoice in their return Home.


Death is an illusion.  It appears to be an ending, but it is no more than a transition, a change.  For those who leave the physical, that transition is a joyous Homecoming.  For those on their way however, it can be wrought with fear and apprehension.  It’s believed that more than 20% of the population of the United States fears death.  Fear of death can be so consuming, it inhibits living.  Those in the midst of the transition from physical to non-physical can cause themselves undue suffering if they are afraid, clinging to their physical forms longer than necessary.   Returning to the non-physical is a graduation, one that has often been hard-earned.  We can greatly enhance our own lives when we release our fears of death, but we can also enhance the experience of the dying when we let go our sense of finality and celebrate their transition.    

We do not die, we transform.


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