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Day 176


I place the bulk of my attention, concern, interest and thought on those things that are true-ly important.

I refuse to be unnecessarily concerned about things that really are not important in the larger sense.

Today I will pay attention to just how much of my attention is placed on superficial, unimportant, irrelevant concerns and strive for a greater focus on concerns of true importance to a greater reality.


It can be easy in a world filled with material objects and false measures of worth to get caught up in that which really isn’t of importance (when considering life from a spiritual perspective).  It can be easy to forget what does matter when the world of media is asking our attention to be placed on material goods, superficial concerns and drama.  What really matters are those things, people and situations that promote a better, more loving world and humanity.  Kindness matters.  Charity matters.  Compassion matters.  Relationships matter. Freedom, health and happiness matter.  An enduring planet matters.  And perhaps most of all… 


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Day 171


Fear exists nowhere but in the perception of a future moment, therefore I remain fully present and existent in the moment that is here and now.

I have the power to prevent my thoughts from moving from reality to fear, and I use that power willfully.

I refuse to let fear dis-able me with thoughts of what could, might or will be.


Fears are created when a situation is considered and determined to hold the potential for physical or emotional danger. It is the anticipation of a situation that produces fear, not the current reality.  We experience fear in the present moment but it always arises from the perception of a future event.   A fear of flying is about what could happen.  A fear of heights is about what might happen.   A fear of death is about what will (or won’t) happen.  Every fear, when dissected, reveals itself to be a what could be situation, not a what is.  If I am afraid of snakes, then suddenly find myself in a pit of them, my fear in that present moment will no longer be of the snakes themselves, but that they might bite me.  If I am being bitten, my fear in that present moment will no longer be of being bitten, but of that bite being poisonous.  I may continue to be in fear but the fear will continue to be about the next what if.    By consciously choosing thoughts that are about the present moment, and refusing to engage thoughts about what is not yet present, we can free ourselves from the crippling and dis-abling effects of fear.   Remember, fears are always about the un-real, because nothing exists but what IS. 


Choose your perception

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Day 170


I am grateful for my father, and the father figures I have had in my life.

On this day of celebrating fathers, I share my appreciation with those men I know who are shining examples of what it means to be a father.


A father is a special sort of man who wants to give every tool, lesson and tip he’s collected, in order to help another be prepared to make it safely in the world.  They’re sometimes too tough, sometimes too soft, but the best of them can’t be missed.  Their eyes light up when they witness their children succeed, and their hearts soften when they watch them fall.   Smiles span their faces when they’re given homemade ties and ceramic pencil holders, and their chests puff up nicely when they’re asked for help.   They might be short on words, but never on love and encouragement. 

But not all fathers are the kind who donate to the gene pool, or even raise a child.  They’re the ones refered to when we say, “He was like a father to me.”   Like-a-father men are coaches, mentors, team leaders, and counselors.  Some are foster parents, grandfathers, uncles, neighbors, the parent of a friend, or even an older brother.   Like-a-fathers are invaluable role models who also want to help us succeed and become our best selves. 

Today is the day to say thank you to all the dads, fathers, papas, pops, sirs, and like-a-fathers who’ve helped prepare and guide us for this journey we call life.   And if yours isn’t around to share your appreciation with, give your words to the wind and know that they will be heard. 




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Day 169


I will not be concerned about the limited thinking of others.

I will not be hindered by my own feelings of limitation. 

I believe in possibilities.

The Divine exists within everything and The Divine is limitless, therefore everything contains limitless potential.


It’s easy to be swayed into feelings of limitation when confidence is shaky.  If my thoughts are of the not possible, too hard, no way, not enough time, or don’t see how kind, then I am approaching my situation from limitation.  If others offer me the same sort of garden variety limiting thoughts, they too are viewing the situation from a perspective of limitation. 

If an endeavor, issue, or goal is seen through the lens of limitation, then the situation will, in fact, be bounded and held in a limited space.  Nothing can be held in the space of infinite possibilities unless it is perceived as such.  Our thoughts either cage our opportunities in limitations or free them with limitless beliefs.  

Consider any one of the most amazing events you’ve experienced in your life – how you met your partner, how you came to live where you do, how you found your way to a sense of purpose, for example.  Think for a moment about how that situation came to be.  Consider the many unexpected twists and turns that preceded its presentation in your life, the number of dominoes that had to line up just so to make it happen…  Mind boggling, isn’t it?  And while you knew you wanted the outcome, how it would all come together was something you never could have imagined, because even our imaginations are limited by our thoughts.  When you look at your own incredible experiences and what went into making them happen, how can anything be impossible? 

We can’t begin to perceive how creation is orchestrated, so why hinder it from the onset with feelings of limitation? Don’t cage your dreams in, and don’t let others cage your dreams in either.  Let them soar freely, with pure belief in possibilities…


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Day 168


I think like God thinks and I love as God loves.

I see the world through the eyes of  The Divine, and love the world with a Divine Heart.

I strive to live in alignment with my Source.


One of the desirable effects of spiritual practice is alignment with The Divine.  How do you know when if you’re in alignment with your Source?  You feel good.  You feel good about yourself and about your life.  You find synchronicity and so-called coincidences abounding.  You find you are consistently in the right place at the right time.  Your intuitive feelings are not only stronger but more often than not, they’re accurate.  Your desires, dreams, wishes and hopes seems to manifest more easily and quickly.  You find yourself meeting or attracting people who are also in alignment, who are ‘on the same wavelength’ literally.  Your health improves, you sleep better, you desire healthier food and circumstances, and you have more energy.  You have more confidence, feel more loving, patient, and tolerant.  You feel more creative, desiring to participate in a creative endeavor of some kind.  You feel good.  No one is always in alignment, not while they are incarnated on this planet, but even a moment in such a state of grace can inspire a lifetime of right practice.


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Day 166


I make it a priority to prepare my inner being for each day.

My soul  is just as valuable to me as my body and I give both equal care.


At the start of each day we dress our bodies with clothes, jewelry, makeup, hats, hair products, shoes and other items meant to make us both feel good and keep us protected from the environment.   Most people make a fair effort in this daily dressing of the body, even referring to it as a daily ritual.  What if we were to apply that same daily care and devotion to the soul and spirit?   In fact, our inner being needs daily care and dressing just as much as the body does.  It needs to be bathed in stillness and silence.  It needs to be protected from the environment in garments of light and love.  The soul yearns to be daily nourished by a conscious flowing connection to its Source.   It aches to be adorned with beautiful jewels such as grace, gratitude and devotion.   Creating a morning ritual that dresses the soul for the day can be as simple as spending a few moments in prayer or as involved as a deep meditation or yoga practice.  The choice is always ours, but we should at least consider preparing the inner world before stepping into the outer one.   Just like the body, when left undressed the soul is vulnerable to, and ill-prepared for, the harshness of the external world. 



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Day 165


I appreciate what life gives unto me and I gratefully give back unto life.

I do not attach my self to giving.

I do not attach my self to receiving.

I appreciate what life gives unto me and I gratefully give back unto life.

So simple.

No self


It is the little self that seeks satisfaction from receiving.  It is the little self that seeks acknowledgement from giving.  It is the little self that seeks.  Forget seeking, forget the little self, and just be a part of the circle, forever dancing along in giving and accepting, giving and accepting, giving and accepting, giving and accepting….. No thoughts, just the dance.


Enso, Japanese Circle by Kanjuro Shibata XX ca 2000

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Day 164


My actions are in harmony with my intentions and motivations.

I have no hidden agenda; I live with honesty and integrity.

I say what I mean and I mean what I say.

My words and actions are authentic.


Living a spiritually attuned life requires authenticity, the sort of authenticity expressed as motivations that are in harmony with actions.  Living authentically means being free of any hidden agendas in interactions with others or the world.   Instead of being nice to the boss in order to get a promotion, the person living authentically is nice to the boss because they are being nice.   Someone living authentically will not have an ulterior motive.  They give for the sake of giving.  They do for the sake of doing.  They ask because they are interested.  They help because they wish to help.  They love for the sake of loving.  


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Day 163


I always do my best and my best is always good enough.


Giving our best effort to everything we do shows respect and appreciation for the opportunities we are given.  It can also stretch us to give a bit more than we want to when we’re not wholly enthusiastic about what we’re doing.  But doing and giving our best effort does not mean perfection.  It means we do the best we can with what we have to give from and with.  Sometimes our best is tragically awful and guess what?  It’s good enough because it was the best we could do.  There can be any number of reasons why our best seems to fall short.  Maybe we’re lacking tools, experience, support, or confidence.   Maybe we’re not feeling well, or having other issues weighing heavy,  but if we’re giving it our best, we can feel good about our effort.  It doesn’t matter if your best is not good enough for someone else, just so-so, or a shining example of incorrectness, as long as you know you gave it your best on that day, at that time, and under those circumstances.  And in that is found peace of mind.

His First Time Hosting Thanksgiving

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Day 162


I am amazing and wonderful and blessed and loved.

I am grateful to be alive.

I am thriving and growing and becoming a truer version of myself every day.

I am in harmony with the Divine, at peace in the world, and in love with life.

I am a good person.

I am telling the story of a happy, healthy, giving, loving, successful and appreciative me.


We are, each of us, constantly telling a story in which we are the main character.  We tell our story first to ourselves, in our thoughts, and it usually begins with I am.   What is the story of you that you are telling?  What I am statements do you tell yourself and others?  How do you identify yourself?  Practice paying attention to your words, in particular those self-defining statements that begin, I am.  Realize that how you finish those sentences is how you are telling your story.  Are you telling the story of the life you want to be living?  You are the author of your story, so tell the story you want to live. 

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Day 161


Never again will I be this *me* that I am in this life.

Never again will I have this mind, this life experience, and these opportunities to become all that I can be.

I may live a thousand lifetimes, but the *me* I am in this lifetime gets but one chance and it’s here and it’s now.

What do you want to make of it?  How do you want to live it?  It’s your choice —


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Day 160


I can be proud of myself, all by myself. 

I don’t need feedback from others to accompany my good works and successes.

I practice humility. 


There is nothing wrong with sharing the news of an accomplishment, an accolade, or a good deed done.  It feels good to share what makes us proud of ourselves, and doing so can be a great way to set an example for others, but if we’re not careful such sharing can become a habit that does little more than serve an unhealthy ego.   When we *need* others to know we’ve done well, it’s time to rethink the motivation behind the sharing.  Feedback from others can become a crutch for our sense-of-self and worth.  If you want to make sure you’re not serving your ego’s desire for external recognition,  try keeping news of your achievements to yourself for a week or two.   Don’t share news of the surprising compliment, or pat on the back you received.  Don’t tell anyone how you helped someone in need or gave of your time by volunteering.   Keep those feel-good moments to yourself and see how you fare.  Even if you find that your intention to share arises from a  healthy ego, you might be amazed at how good it feels to be radically humble. 


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Day 158


I choose to be in relationships that support my evolution into consciousness.

I choose to be in relationships that promote my spiritual integration.

I choose to be in relationships that respect me, my choices, my path and my intention, even if they do not agree with them.

I choose to be in relationships that are authentic, heart-centered, and embody the Divine.

I choose to work toward healing relationships that have lost their way but hold potential.

I choose to leave relationships that deny me my-self, my choice, my path and my intention.

I choose to leave relationships that willfully deny me support, consideration and reciprocation.

I choose to leave relationships that inhibit my expression and growth, or the expression and growth of the other.

I choose to leave relationships in which I am not engaging from, or being engaged from, love.


 The more you grow and become the empowered, conscious, integrated and evolving spiritual being you are, the more you will find yourself uncomfortable in relationships with those who are living from a different perspective.  You will begin to feel a need for authentic relationships.  Authentic relationships are those that are evolved beyond the ego, the small self and the small mind. They are created in heart-centered consciousness and embody spiritual evolution and integration of mind, body and spirit. They promote harmony, inter-dependence, unconditional support, and are founded in loving intention.  If there is a goal or reason for authentic relationships it is to support each other’s individual growth and expansion.   Authentic relationships are conscious choices, not obligations.   They are wants, not needs.   Authentic relationships may be short-lived or life-long.  There is a very conscious understanding in authentic relationships that when the relationship no longer serves both parties, it can dissolve naturally, instead of being clung to out of an ego-centered need. That does not mean that authentic relationships do not have conflict, but conflict is understood as a natural part of two wholes expressing individuality.  When conflict does arise, it is resolved mutually and respectfully.  The more authentically you live your life, the more you will desire authentic relationships.  That may mean leaving those which no longer promote expansion, are incongruent with your  path, or find you unable to be supportive of the other.  It may also mean being authentic in your half of a relationship that you wish to maintain, such as with a family member, though they have differing views.  In those situations we learn to be authentic in our own selves while respecting the evolutionary path of others.   Living in harmony does not mean isolation from those who resonate to a different beat, but in our interpersonal relationships it does mean engaging as authentically as possible.

[Note: I wish I could have posted with a picture of people engaged in an authentic relationship but the reality is that authentic relationships do not ‘look’ any different from others. I chose this photo because it makes visible the attributes of an evolved, authentic relationship.] 



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Day 157


I value the people in my life and hold them close to my heart.

I will not take anyone’s presence in my life for granted.

Appreciating the people in my life is my responsibility.


Maybe it’s an old friend who’s been with you through thick and thin, or maybe it’s your beloved, your chosen life partner.  Perhaps it’s your child, your sibling, or your parent.  It could even be that ever dependable, always upbeat gal at the market, the one who’s been checking you out for a dozen years.   These incredible people are the diamonds in our lives.  They’re those special and wonderful souls who share a part of the journey with us, who we’ve grown to count on, who enrich our days and our lives.   But diamonds are rare and precious gems that we can forget to value.   Where do you keep the diamonds in your life?  Do you hold them close with appreciation, knowing their worth?  Or do you sometimes forget their measure, carrying them instead in your pocket, where they bounce around with old crumbs and bits of dryer lint?   Carrying diamonds in a pocket is a risky, even reckless, act.  Check yourself.  Have you absentmindedly been keeping diamonds in your pocket?   



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Broken Eggs: Rebuilding After Personal Crisis By Charles K. Bunch PhD

(Recommended companion reading  for this affirmation)


Day 156


I am grateful for this gift, disguised as a problem.

I know that I will be delivered from this gift to an even greater one, because I will accept nothing less.

Thank you.


A serious problem has presented itself.  It is something that, at first glance, might even feel too big to overcome.  The usual response to such a perceived threat is for the victim-mind of the ego to quickly take control.  When this happens we either feel defensive or suddenly powerless.  Powerlessness prompts feelings of panic or worry, with thoughts that begin, “How will I ever…” or “I can’t possibly…”   Defensiveness will give rise to anger, a need to attack, and thoughts that begin, “How dare they…”   While both of those responses are normal -from an ego-centered perspective- they are never in our best interest.  Responding from a healthy, empowered sense of self will always yield a better outcome.

We can avoid egoic reactions by first recognizing their immediate march to the front of our consciousness, and then by saying no to them and refusing to react in any way.  Begin by instantly detaching.  Immediately become an observer of the situation and see it for what it is.  In that light it might not even be as serious as it first appeared.  Then, serious or not, remind yourself that a  problem can only be as big as your perception of it.  Affirm to yourself that whatever it is, it is manageable and that, under the facade of trouble it presents, is a gift waiting to be revealed.

By approaching problems from a place of positive perspective and empowered response, you set the wheels of the Universe in motion to present you with precisely what you are affirming-a greater gift on the other side of the one you are holding.

Every time you catch yourself starting to have a thought of worry or anger, stop!  Recite the mantra, “Thank you for this gift, I accept it as such.  I know that I will be delivered from this gift to an even greater one, because I will accept nothing less for myself.  Thank you.”  Feel grateful and excited about where this may lead and what it may reveal.  If you are diligent about remaining empowered,  you will not allow the victim-mind of the ego to take control.  And I promise you, you will be amazed at how beautifully the problem resolves!


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Day 155


I do not fight and struggle to achieve, I allow Creation to flow into and through me easily

I take  only positive, fulfilling action toward the realization of my dreams and desires. 

I surrender my dreams and desires to the Universe. 

I trust the Powers of the Universe to guide me.

When I remain an open and allowing vessel, I am able to receive opportunities and experiences that lead to the fulfillment of my dreams and desires.


I whined, “But I’ve been working so hard at this; it’s been such a struggle, and nothing has worked!”  That last word sounded more like, w-w-w-w-eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrked.”   It was one of those days.   And I wasn’t struggling because it wasn’t working; it wasn’t working because I was struggling.   Despite everything we’ve ever been told, it is not the force, the struggle, or the push that gets us to the end of that rainbow.   It’s the surrender.  How many times have you crawled and clawed your way toward something only to get there when you quit fighting for it.   Women who’ve become pregnant after years of infertility know what I mean.    Look back on your life and consider that the best things that ever happened to you- jobs, homes, relationships- came as if on the wind.  That doesn’t mean without any effort, but they probably arrived without having to struggle or suffer for them, as if the Universe had it all planned out ahead of time and was just waiting for the right time, the right opening.   That opening is called surrender.  Surrendering creates a place of receptivity.  It disarms the fighter, struggling to make something happen, and opens the experiencer to allowing the unfolding of it.  Life is not meant to be forced, it is meant to flow.  It is not meant to be resisted, it is meant to be allowed.   There’s an old tune that sings, “They soar through the air with the greatest of ease, those daring young men on the flying trapeze.”   If you’ve ever watched a trapeze artist you know that they do soar with ease, they have to.  They have to move fluidly and flexibly.  If they were to be stiff, rigid, or struggling, they would fall.  They have to surrender to the swing and the momentum, becoming part of the flow.   We are living our own trapeze acts, flying through life and experience, and we too, do best when we soar with the ease that comes from surrendering to the process.        

...with the greatest of ease...

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Day 154


I believe we are all here to help one another and that includes me.  If I need help, I ask for it… and accept it.


It can be hard to ask for help.  Sometimes admitting we can’t do something for or by ourselves feels deflating; asking someone else to help is just salt in the wound(ed ego).  But we are all here on this planet to help each other when we can.  And those who give must also be able to receive.  So forget pride and stubbornness and ask for help when it’s needed and accept help when it’s offered.  You might be amazed at how good it makes others feel to be asked. 


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Day 153


I am not separate from the Divine.

I am infinitely and eternally connected to and a part of *All that IS*.


The force of  *All that IS* runs through the heart and breath, spirit and soul, consciousness and existence, of every living thing, including you.   It is that very force,  that genesis spark, that presence and essence, that has animated you and given you to yourself to experience.  You can not be separate from that which is everywhere, everything, and everyone.    Feeling separate  is an illusion created in the shadows.   But if you turn on your heart and  feel love, there you’ll find *IT*, where *IT* has always been and always will be. 


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