Love Matters

Day 176 Affirmation: I place the bulk of my attention, concern, interest and thought on those things that are true-ly important. I refuse to be unnecessarily concerned about things that really are not important in the larger sense. Today I will pay attention to just how much of my attention is placed on superficial, unimportant, irrelevant concerns and … More Love Matters

In Honour of Fathers

Day 170 Affirmation: I am grateful for my father, and the father figures I have had in my life. On this day of celebrating fathers, I share my appreciation with those men I know who are shining examples of what it means to be a father.                      _______________________ A father is a special sort of man who wants … More In Honour of Fathers

A Limited Perspective

Day 169 Affirmation: I will not be concerned about the limited thinking of others. I will not be hindered by my own feelings of limitation.  I believe in possibilities. The Divine exists within everything and The Divine is limitless, therefore everything contains limitless potential.                                                     ______________________ It’s easy to be swayed into feelings of limitation when confidence … More A Limited Perspective

In Alignment With The Divine

Day 168 Affirmation: I think like God thinks and I love as God loves. I see the world through the eyes of  The Divine, and love the world with a Divine Heart. I strive to live in alignment with my Source.                      ____________________ One of the desirable effects of spiritual practice is alignment with The Divine.  How do you know … More In Alignment With The Divine

Dressing the Soul

Day 166 Affirmation: I make it a priority to prepare my inner being for each day. My soul  is just as valuable to me as my body and I give both equal care.                                                               ____________________  At the start of each day we dress our bodies with clothes, jewelry, makeup, hats, hair products, shoes and other items meant to make us … More Dressing the Soul

In the Loop

Day 165 Affirmation: I appreciate what life gives unto me and I gratefully give back unto life. I do not attach my self to giving. I do not attach my self to receiving. I appreciate what life gives unto me and I gratefully give back unto life. So simple. No self.                                     __________________ It is the little self … More In the Loop

No Hidden Agenda

Day 164 Affirmation: My actions are in harmony with my intentions and motivations. I have no hidden agenda; I live with honesty and integrity. I say what I mean and I mean what I say. My words and actions are authentic.                                       ______________________ Living a spiritually attuned life requires authenticity, the sort of authenticity expressed as … More No Hidden Agenda

Personal Best

Day 163 Affirmation: I always do my best and my best is always good enough.                                 ____________________ Giving our best effort to everything we do shows respect and appreciation for the opportunities we are given.  It can also stretch us to give a bit more than we want to when we’re not wholly enthusiastic about … More Personal Best

Never Again

Day 161 Affirmation: Never again will I be this *me* that I am in this life. Never again will I have this mind, this life experience, and these opportunities to become all that I can be. I may live a thousand lifetimes, but the *me* I am in this lifetime gets but one chance and … More Never Again

Practicing Humility

Day 160 Affirmation: I can be proud of myself, all by myself.  I don’t need feedback from others to accompany my good works and successes. I practice humility.              _____________________________ There is nothing wrong with sharing the news of an accomplishment, an accolade, or a good deed done.  It feels good to share what makes us proud … More Practicing Humility

A Diamond in My Pocket

Day 157 Affirmation: I value the people in my life and hold them close to my heart. I will not take anyone’s presence in my life for granted. Appreciating the people in my life is my responsibility.                       _____________________________ Maybe it’s an old friend who’s been with you through thick and thin, or maybe it’s your … More A Diamond in My Pocket

An Empowered Approach

Broken Eggs: Rebuilding After Personal Crisis By Charles K. Bunch PhD (Recommended companion reading  for this affirmation)   Day 156 Affirmation: I am grateful for this gift, disguised as a problem. I know that I will be delivered from this gift to an even greater one, because I will accept nothing less. Thank you. _______________________ A … More An Empowered Approach

Giving Up the Fight

Day 155 Affirmation: I do not fight and struggle to achieve, I allow Creation to flow into and through me easily.  I take  only positive, fulfilling action toward the realization of my dreams and desires.  I surrender my dreams and desires to the Universe.  I trust the Powers of the Universe to guide me. When I remain an open and allowing … More Giving Up the Fight

Asking for, and Accepting Help

Day 154 Affirmation: I believe we are all here to help one another and that includes me.  If I need help, I ask for it… and accept it.                                     ________________________ It can be hard to ask for help.  Sometimes admitting we can’t do something for or by ourselves feels deflating; asking someone else to help … More Asking for, and Accepting Help

I Am Not Separate

Day 153 Affirmation: I am not separate from the Divine. I am infinitely and eternally connected to and a part of *All that IS*.          _____________ The force of  *All that IS* runs through the heart and breath, spirit and soul, consciousness and existence, of every living thing, including you.   It is that very force,  that … More I Am Not Separate