A Diamond in My Pocket

Day 157


I value the people in my life and hold them close to my heart.

I will not take anyone’s presence in my life for granted.

Appreciating the people in my life is my responsibility.


Maybe it’s an old friend who’s been with you through thick and thin, or maybe it’s your beloved, your chosen life partner.  Perhaps it’s your child, your sibling, or your parent.  It could even be that ever dependable, always upbeat gal at the market, the one who’s been checking you out for a dozen years.   These incredible people are the diamonds in our lives.  They’re those special and wonderful souls who share a part of the journey with us, who we’ve grown to count on, who enrich our days and our lives.   But diamonds are rare and precious gems that we can forget to value.   Where do you keep the diamonds in your life?  Do you hold them close with appreciation, knowing their worth?  Or do you sometimes forget their measure, carrying them instead in your pocket, where they bounce around with old crumbs and bits of dryer lint?   Carrying diamonds in a pocket is a risky, even reckless, act.  Check yourself.  Have you absentmindedly been keeping diamonds in your pocket?   



One thought on “A Diamond in My Pocket

  1. Hmm, it’s sad how often we forget that and just focus on our own wishes and desires, totally forgetting, even willfully ignoring the expectations of others from us.

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