Dressing the Soul

Day 166


I make it a priority to prepare my inner being for each day.

My soul  is just as valuable to me as my body and I give both equal care.


At the start of each day we dress our bodies with clothes, jewelry, makeup, hats, hair products, shoes and other items meant to make us both feel good and keep us protected from the environment.   Most people make a fair effort in this daily dressing of the body, even referring to it as a daily ritual.  What if we were to apply that same daily care and devotion to the soul and spirit?   In fact, our inner being needs daily care and dressing just as much as the body does.  It needs to be bathed in stillness and silence.  It needs to be protected from the environment in garments of light and love.  The soul yearns to be daily nourished by a conscious flowing connection to its Source.   It aches to be adorned with beautiful jewels such as grace, gratitude and devotion.   Creating a morning ritual that dresses the soul for the day can be as simple as spending a few moments in prayer or as involved as a deep meditation or yoga practice.  The choice is always ours, but we should at least consider preparing the inner world before stepping into the outer one.   Just like the body, when left undressed the soul is vulnerable to, and ill-prepared for, the harshness of the external world. 



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