Love Matters

Day 176


I place the bulk of my attention, concern, interest and thought on those things that are true-ly important.

I refuse to be unnecessarily concerned about things that really are not important in the larger sense.

Today I will pay attention to just how much of my attention is placed on superficial, unimportant, irrelevant concerns and strive for a greater focus on concerns of true importance to a greater reality.


It can be easy in a world filled with material objects and false measures of worth to get caught up in that which really isn’t of importance (when considering life from a spiritual perspective).  It can be easy to forget what does matter when the world of media is asking our attention to be placed on material goods, superficial concerns and drama.  What really matters are those things, people and situations that promote a better, more loving world and humanity.  Kindness matters.  Charity matters.  Compassion matters.  Relationships matter. Freedom, health and happiness matter.  An enduring planet matters.  And perhaps most of all… 

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