Think Like God Thinks

Day 211 Affirmation: My intention for today is to think like GOD thinks… from loving kindness, from compassion, from unity, from wisdom, from tolerance, from forgiveness, from a higher perspective…. My thoughts will arise from a divine heart filled with love, not a small mind filled with fear, insecurity, or negativity.              

Allow Love to Express

Day 208 Affirmation: Today I intend to ~allow~ love to express fully in my relationships in both a freely giving and fully accepting manner.                                    ___________________  Love is not a thing we create in our relationships, it’s the very thing that creates us in them. We don’t create love we ~ allow ~ love to … More Allow Love to Express

Reach for Faith

Day 205 Affirmation: When I have uncertainty, I reach for faith. When I have worry, I reach for faith. When I have apprehension, I reach for faith. When I have no control, I reach for faith. When I have no direction, I reach for faith.               ________________ St. Paul wrote that faith is, “the evidence of … More Reach for Faith

Armchair Sages

Day 204 Affirmation: I refuse to be an armchair sage, filled with knowledge unused and unapplied. I walk my talk, and practice what I preach. I live outwardly as a reflection of my inner knowledge.                                __________________ The journey toward inner peace and inner unity usually involves acquiring knowledge.  This may be knowledge of the self, knowledge of reality, … More Armchair Sages

Go Outside and Play

Day 192 Affirmation: I appreciate the importance of play in my life. I make time for being playful without concern for what others think. I take part in activities that promote abandon, presence, surrender and freedom. I smile and laugh often and engage in activities that promote smiling and laughing. _____________________________ Children  innately know what many adults … More Go Outside and Play

Making Demands

Day 191 Affirmation:  I won’t live my life jaded and waiting.  I won’t allow the years to go by in wishing and missing. I deserve a life of love and happiness and beginning today, demand it of, and for, myself.                                          _____________________ We all only get one chance at this dream we’re incarnated into, so take your chances … More Making Demands

Embracing Differences

Day 189 Affirmation: I am grateful for the gift of differing views and opinions, opposing perspectives and beliefs, and unrecognizable ideologies.  Such gifts of diversity offer me opportunities for expansion, compassion, tolerance and gratitude.            ____________ What a boring world it would be if we were all the same.  If everyone had the same beliefs, attitudes, thoughts and feelings, … More Embracing Differences

Living Life Alive

Day 188 Affirmation: I am the author of my life. My dreams are all possible. I claim my right to be happy. I listen to the wisdom of others but decide for myself. I have an amazing inner strength that has gotten me this far. I am empowered. I am not threatened by the fears … More Living Life Alive

Finding Equilibrium

Day 187 Affirmation: I seek personal balance in my life. My thoughts, emotions, actions and spiritual practices share equal roles in my daily experience, with none dominating. I consciously choose to maintain personal balance by paying attention and making adjustments as needed.                                             ___________________________________ Personal equilibrium is achieved when our states of doing, feeling, thinking … More Finding Equilibrium

Let Freedom Ring

Day 185 Affirmation: I am grateful for the many freedoms I have in my life. I take none for granted and appreciate every.                         _________________ Freedom means different things to different people.  For the enslaved, freedom is liberation from oppression.  For the poor, freedom is liberation from want.  For the suffering, freedom might be liberation … More Let Freedom Ring

Witness Life

Day 183 Affirmation: I recognize creation alive and abundant around me. I am in awe of the divine will that creates life from intention. Today I will spend time noticing life around me.                           _____________________ Everywhere life abounds in its manifested, pulsing, breathing, expanding state.  Look in the mirror and see life reflected back.  Look … More Witness Life

Trusting Intuition

Day 182 Affirmation: I trust my gut. I listen to my inner wisdom. I heed the mental red flags. I pay attention to my intuition.               _____________ The inner guidance system operates through non-sensory channels.  It’s a feeling or a nudge, a sense of something that doesn’t arise from the brain, and the little voice … More Trusting Intuition

Mirror, Mirror

Day 181 Affirmation: I pay attention to the people and experiences I attract as a measure of my own dominant energy patterns. If I am surrounded by negative people and circumstances, something negative within me must need to be shifted. If I am surrounded by positive people and circumstances, something positive within me must be … More Mirror, Mirror