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Day 211


My intention for today is to think like GOD thinks… from loving kindness, from compassion, from unity, from wisdom, from tolerance, from forgiveness, from a higher perspective….
My thoughts will arise from a divine heart filled with love, not a small mind filled with fear, insecurity, or negativity.




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Day 208


Today I intend to ~allow~ love to express fully in my relationships in both a freely giving and fully accepting manner.


Love is not a thing we create in our relationships, it’s the very thing that creates us in them. We don’t create love we ~ allow ~ love to express. And we allow it when we surrender ourselves to another with a defenseless and penetrable heart that is willing to give without limit and receive without demand.

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Day 205


When I have uncertainty, I reach for faith.

When I have worry, I reach for faith.

When I have apprehension, I reach for faith.

When I have no control, I reach for faith.

When I have no direction, I reach for faith.


St. Paul wrote that faith is, “the evidence of things unseen, and the substance of things hoped for.”  Faith has the ability to promote a renewed sense of confidence and optimism, and faith is always at our disposal.  It is cultivated from within an open heart, where knowing and believing in goodness, grace and our connection to the Divine permanently dwell.  When actions are fruitless, thoughts are wayward, and weariness begins to take hold, draw on faith for the courage and strength to move beyond the uncertainty and into clarity. 

Walk In Faith by Pamela Smith - available at Art.com

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Day 204


I refuse to be an armchair sage, filled with knowledge unused and unapplied.

I walk my talk, and practice what I preach.

I live outwardly as a reflection of my inner knowledge.


The journey toward inner peace and inner unity usually involves acquiring knowledge.  This may be knowledge of the self, knowledge of reality, or knowledge of purpose.  While knowledge is immeasurably valuable, it is the wisdom that is gained from the application of that knowledge that promotes the most growth.   To truly make progress along the path toward the Self, one must take what has been learned and apply it in the tangible reality.  Knowing how to be tie one’s shoes is not enough; the shoes must one day be tied.  Knowing how to live without fear is not enough; one must begin living without fear.  Knowing what it means to love  is not enough; one must  actually experience love.  


(artist unknown)

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Day 193


I see what is working in my life, thank you.

I see what is present in my life, thank you.

I see what is healthy in my life, thank you.

I see the love I have, thank you.

I see where I have security in my life, thank you.

I see success in my life, thank you.

I see prosperity in my life, thank you.

I see harmony in my life, thank you.


Consider one of the most fundamental Laws of Creation– that what we put our attention on expands and grows.  If we want to create change, it can not be done by thinking about the thing we want to change.  If I want more love in my life I cannot get it by thinking about how little love I have. If I want more abundance, focusing on why I need more wont bring it.  Thinking about what’s wrong or missing only brings more of what’s wrong or missing.  Putting our attention on what is right, abundant and beautiful, brings more of what is right, abundant and beautiful.  Notice when your thoughts wander and land on what is lacking or not working and refocus them on what is working in your life.  By changing where you place your thoughts, you begin changing your reality and giving Creation an opportunity to bring into your experience that which you truly desire. 

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Day 192


I appreciate the importance of play in my life.

I make time for being playful without concern for what others think.

I take part in activities that promote abandon, presence, surrender and freedom.

I smile and laugh often and engage in activities that promote smiling and laughing.


Children  innately know what many adults have forgotten– that play is a crucial part of well being (physically, emotionally, and spiritually).  Consider– A child freely engaged in play is fully present in the NOW, centered in the moment and their being.  A child freely engaged in play is passionate about what they’re doing (passion is an expression of Creator Energy).  A child freely engaged in play is stimulating his brain by using imagination, role playing, problem-solving, strategizing and more.  And a child freely engaged in play is releasing beneficial chemicals (like endorphins) into his body. That child is living in the Truest sense of the word.

But one day the same child who put play before all else is an adult who’s so busy working 40+ hours a week, paying bills, and taking care of a family that he’s forgotten his once glorious purpose in life altogether.  He’s forgotten to play.

Just because we grow up doesn’t mean we should stop playing, in fact it’s to our detriment if we do!  Taking on the responsibilities of adulthood doesn’t mean we have to stop being play-full !  We need balance.  As the proverb says, “All work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy.”  We need to CHOOSE to make time to lose ourselves in play.  To simply surrender to the moment and have FUN. To re-experience the joy of silliness and laughter.  We need to allow ourselves to be free in the abandon and the indulgence of play.  We need to feel that passion as a part of our daily life.  If we allow it, play connects us to the Divine and allows our spirits to soar.


Original Wham-O Hula Hoop  and Twister  from Amazon because we are NEVER too old!

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Day 191


I won’t live my life jaded and waiting. 

I won’t allow the years to go by in wishing and missing.

I deserve a life of love and happiness and beginning today, demand it of, and for, myself.


We all only get one chance at this dream we’re incarnated into, so take your chances and your courage and demand the life you want.  Don’t settle for easy, comfortable or steady, if you’re not happy.  Make it better or make a change.  You deserve to live the life that fills you with passion, bliss and meaningful connection.  We all do.

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Day 190


I refuse to believe that anything is inevitable.

I believe that I am constantly creating my tomorrows today, with my thoughts and actions, therefore I keep my thoughts and actions congruent with the life I want to live, not one I fear might be in store for me.

I believe in the power of my positive thoughts, beliefs and actions, and allow the Universe to deliver me a tomorrow that matches my positive attitude. 


Sometimes it’s hard for the mind to step out of what it sees as an inevitable reality [such as gloom and doom] in order to realize that there is no inevitable reality.   Tomorrow is not created until we put forth the intention for it.  Our thoughts project outward into the creation in order to keep it unfolding.  The thoughts we had in our yesterdays, coupled with our actions, created our today.   The only inevitability is that tomorrow will be.  What it will be is a matter of choice.  That is, choosing thoughts, beliefs and actions that support what you want it to be.  The Universe operates outside of time, so even if something seems logically inevitable, you may well be surprised when things turn out differently! 


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Day 189


I am grateful for the gift of differing views and opinions, opposing perspectives and beliefs, and unrecognizable ideologies.  Such gifts of diversity offer me opportunities for expansion, compassion, tolerance and gratitude.


What a boring world it would be if we were all the same.  If everyone had the same beliefs, attitudes, thoughts and feelings, there would be nothing to facilitate broader understanding or promote the learning of foreign ideas.  In fact there would be no foreign ideas.  From differences and diversity we learn tolerance and acceptance.  We may not always agree with other’s choices or modes of self-expression, but from those differences we learn to respect and appreciate individuality.  Embracing differences promotes a deep and reverent gratitude for the opportunity to live in a world filled with so many divergent expressions. 

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Day 188


I am the author of my life.

My dreams are all possible.

I claim my right to be happy.

I listen to the wisdom of others but decide for myself.

I have an amazing inner strength that has gotten me this far.

I am empowered.

I am not threatened by the fears of others.

I am responsible for how I live my life.

I let nothing hold me back.

I have no ties to old pains.

I live by my own light.

I am free to live ALIVE.


Just as person can be physically enslaved, but maintain an inner freedom of spirit, so can a person can be physically free yet enslaved by the mind and the emotions.  Claim your right to be free from whatever oppression you feel in your life.  Such freedom is the birthright of every individual.  All freedom (even physical) begins first in the mind.  Free yourself from self-doubt, fear, lack of esteem, intolerance or any of the other lower energies that imprison, dis-able and discourage.  Release yourself from your inner chains and feel the freedom to be truly ALIVE in your living.

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Day 187


I seek personal balance in my life.

My thoughts, emotions, actions and spiritual practices share equal roles in my daily experience, with none dominating.

I consciously choose to maintain personal balance by paying attention and making adjustments as needed.


Personal equilibrium is achieved when our states of doing, feeling, thinking and be-ing, have equal parts in our daily experience.  We don’t have balance in our lives when we are constantly doing and always on the go.   We also don’t have balance when our thoughts are like flies, incessantly darting about our minds, restless and  haphazard.  Nor do we have balance when we’re spending most of our time in meditation, spiritual devotion, or self-work.  One way to know that we’re out of balance is when emotions are erratic or easily provoked.   Another tell-tale sign is when it seems that we only have two speeds- on and off.  When out of balance, we don’t feel settled.  If imbalance persists for too long, the body will get involved and illness may take place.  We can make sure we maintain that equilibrium by paying attention to daily habits.  Are you always on the go, never running out of things to do?  Are you spending so much time in your thoughts that things aren’t getting done?  Are you so enmeshed in your spiritual life that you don’t feel grounded or effective in the physical world?  Consciously taking the time to make a few shifts can bring the inner world quickly back into balance, and infinitely more joy to daily life.

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Day 186


I am grateful for my life, for its gifts and blessings.

No matter what my day brings forth, I will remember that I always have much to be grateful for.  

I choose to put my attention on what is right and working and abundant in my life, and feel grateful for it all.


Gratitude is one of the most transformative emotions because it is easily and readily available to everyone at any time.  There is always *something* we can find to be grateful for, even on the most trying of days.  When we find that perspective point and feel gratitude, our energy immediately shifts to a better, higher vibration.  We are instantly up-lifted.  Gratitude is free, accessible and easy to use.  It doesn’t require a prescription.  Choosing the perspective of gratitude, especially during difficult times, not only makes those times easier, it also aides in preventing negative states from taking root in the body and creating illness.  Whatever challenges you’re facing today, finding a point of gratitude will make them easier.  Even if you’re feeling great about life, deliberately choosing to feel grateful will enhance an already good thing.  Putting our attention on that which we are grateful for does for the spirit what taking a vitamin does for the body- it enhances your natural state of well-being and keeps you going in that same direction. 



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Day 185


I am grateful for the many freedoms I have in my life.

I take none for granted and appreciate every.


Freedom means different things to different people.  For the enslaved, freedom is liberation from oppression.  For the poor, freedom is liberation from want.  For the suffering, freedom might be liberation from physical life.   Regardless of the specific circumstances, freedom is always the result of a shift from limitation to limitlessness, and of being without a boundary.   Most of us have many freedoms that we unintentionally take for granted, such as the freedom to travel, the freedom to speak an opinion and the freedom to choose what to wear.  Often, the freedoms one has aren’t realized until they are taken away, as is the case for many who go on to live long lives, finding themselves no longer able to drive, live alone, or make basic daily living choices for themselves.   But we need not lose our freedoms to appreciate them.  Take a look around you today, noticing the freedoms you experience in your life.  Realize the great freedom of choice you have, from choosing when to wake to where to live.  Feel grateful today for every freedom you embrace.

Four Freedoms by Norman Rockwell, oil on canvas 1943

Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Worship, Freedom from Want, Freedom from Fear

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Day 183


I recognize creation alive and abundant around me.

I am in awe of the divine will that creates life from intention.

Today I will spend time noticing life around me.


Everywhere life abounds in its manifested, pulsing, breathing, expanding state.  Look in the mirror and see life reflected back.  Look at the people around you and see them as the animated manifestations of creation they are.  Go outside and sit for ten minutes, still and present-ly aware of the life amidst you.  See the insects, flying and crawling.  Observe the plants newly sprouted, the vines newly tendrilled, the flowers newly opened.   Consider the fact that only a few hours, days or weeks ago, some of what you see was still unmanifest.  Consider the awesome power of creation that took a seed and transformed it into a shoot, then a tree, then a branch, then a bud, then a flower, then a fruit.  Witness life and be in the wonder and magic of creation. 

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Day 182


I trust my gut.

I listen to my inner wisdom.

I heed the mental red flags.

I pay attention to my intuition.


The inner guidance system operates through non-sensory channels.  It’s a feeling or a nudge, a sense of something that doesn’t arise from the brain, and the little voice whispering from a shoulder.  If you’ve ever walked into a room and felt uneasy for no visible reason- that’s your inner guidance.  If you’ve ever met someone with whom you felt immediately and inexplicably comfortable- that’s your inner guidance.  If you’ve ever felt the overwhelming need to call someone, go back home and check on something, or divert from your normal route- that’s your inner guidance.  Very often our inner guidance is ignored because it seems illogical, unnecessary or without basis in fact, but sometimes the facts are a mystery to us.  Our inner beings,  higher selves, and those non-physical beings who guide and support us, use that inner guidance to help us stay on our path, and the more we take notice and trust the feelings, the more we begin to see just how amazing and abundant the support is.  It is our direct link to the Divine. Start getting used to listening to your feelings, begin trusting them a little more each day, even if they don’t make sense, and see just how beautifully the universe operates when we allow ourselves to flow in the rhythm of the sublime.   Next time you have a feeling about something, follow it, act on it, see where it leads.  Don’t over think, don’t analyze, just start the process of trusting and be a part of the magic, by choice. 


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Day 181


I pay attention to the people and experiences I attract as a measure of my own dominant energy patterns.

If I am surrounded by negative people and circumstances, something negative within me must need to be shifted.

If I am surrounded by positive people and circumstances, something positive within me must be expressing.

I am grateful for the positive and negative I come in contact with and view both as opportunites to see what is within me.


The world is but a mirror.  What we see out there is a reflection, mirroring back what we are feeling in here (about self and life).  If the world I see out there looks grim it is because something in me feels similarly hopeless or discouraged in my own life or self.  If my perception of the world is that it is full of wonderful possibilities, it is because I am feeling similarly hopeful or optimistic about my own life or self.   Pay attention to what is being mirrored back to you by the people you interact with and the circumstances you find yourself in and you will quickly learn what your dominant energy is.  

                                               by  M.C. Escher

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