Mirror, Mirror

Day 181


I pay attention to the people and experiences I attract as a measure of my own dominant energy patterns.

If I am surrounded by negative people and circumstances, something negative within me must need to be shifted.

If I am surrounded by positive people and circumstances, something positive within me must be expressing.

I am grateful for the positive and negative I come in contact with and view both as opportunites to see what is within me.


The world is but a mirror.  What we see out there is a reflection, mirroring back what we are feeling in here (about self and life).  If the world I see out there looks grim it is because something in me feels similarly hopeless or discouraged in my own life or self.  If my perception of the world is that it is full of wonderful possibilities, it is because I am feeling similarly hopeful or optimistic about my own life or self.   Pay attention to what is being mirrored back to you by the people you interact with and the circumstances you find yourself in and you will quickly learn what your dominant energy is.  

                                               by  M.C. Escher

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