Trusting Intuition

Day 182


I trust my gut.

I listen to my inner wisdom.

I heed the mental red flags.

I pay attention to my intuition.


The inner guidance system operates through non-sensory channels.  It’s a feeling or a nudge, a sense of something that doesn’t arise from the brain, and the little voice whispering from a shoulder.  If you’ve ever walked into a room and felt uneasy for no visible reason- that’s your inner guidance.  If you’ve ever met someone with whom you felt immediately and inexplicably comfortable- that’s your inner guidance.  If you’ve ever felt the overwhelming need to call someone, go back home and check on something, or divert from your normal route- that’s your inner guidance.  Very often our inner guidance is ignored because it seems illogical, unnecessary or without basis in fact, but sometimes the facts are a mystery to us.  Our inner beings,  higher selves, and those non-physical beings who guide and support us, use that inner guidance to help us stay on our path, and the more we take notice and trust the feelings, the more we begin to see just how amazing and abundant the support is.  It is our direct link to the Divine. Start getting used to listening to your feelings, begin trusting them a little more each day, even if they don’t make sense, and see just how beautifully the universe operates when we allow ourselves to flow in the rhythm of the sublime.   Next time you have a feeling about something, follow it, act on it, see where it leads.  Don’t over think, don’t analyze, just start the process of trusting and be a part of the magic, by choice. 


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