Let Freedom Ring

Day 185


I am grateful for the many freedoms I have in my life.

I take none for granted and appreciate every.


Freedom means different things to different people.  For the enslaved, freedom is liberation from oppression.  For the poor, freedom is liberation from want.  For the suffering, freedom might be liberation from physical life.   Regardless of the specific circumstances, freedom is always the result of a shift from limitation to limitlessness, and of being without a boundary.   Most of us have many freedoms that we unintentionally take for granted, such as the freedom to travel, the freedom to speak an opinion and the freedom to choose what to wear.  Often, the freedoms one has aren’t realized until they are taken away, as is the case for many who go on to live long lives, finding themselves no longer able to drive, live alone, or make basic daily living choices for themselves.   But we need not lose our freedoms to appreciate them.  Take a look around you today, noticing the freedoms you experience in your life.  Realize the great freedom of choice you have, from choosing when to wake to where to live.  Feel grateful today for every freedom you embrace.

Four Freedoms by Norman Rockwell, oil on canvas 1943

Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Worship, Freedom from Want, Freedom from Fear

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