An Inevitable Reality

Day 190


I refuse to believe that anything is inevitable.

I believe that I am constantly creating my tomorrows today, with my thoughts and actions, therefore I keep my thoughts and actions congruent with the life I want to live, not one I fear might be in store for me.

I believe in the power of my positive thoughts, beliefs and actions, and allow the Universe to deliver me a tomorrow that matches my positive attitude. 


Sometimes it’s hard for the mind to step out of what it sees as an inevitable reality [such as gloom and doom] in order to realize that there is no inevitable reality.   Tomorrow is not created until we put forth the intention for it.  Our thoughts project outward into the creation in order to keep it unfolding.  The thoughts we had in our yesterdays, coupled with our actions, created our today.   The only inevitability is that tomorrow will be.  What it will be is a matter of choice.  That is, choosing thoughts, beliefs and actions that support what you want it to be.  The Universe operates outside of time, so even if something seems logically inevitable, you may well be surprised when things turn out differently! 


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