The Heart Flowing Like a River Wild

(Recommended companion reading for this affirmation)

Day 222


Today I will allow the river of my heart to flow freely to its Source and to others as part of our interconnectedness.


The heart is like a river. When closed it can be likened to the river that has had its flow unnaturally impeded by a dam. When the heart is open it compares to a river flowing freely as part of a larger system, connected to other rivers, streams, and tributaries.  A freely flowing river also has the potential to be directly connected to its source, the ocean.  The human heart and its energies connect each person to every other living thing, seen and unseen, and to the energy of Creation itself, our Source.  The challenge is to keep the heart open and flowing. Every human is born with their hearts wide open, freely receiving and giving of love. One look in a the eyes of a contented baby and you can see it. Their little sighs tell you that they are awash in the energy of love. As we grow we experience woundedness, betrayals of trust, and other’s fear given to us in the guise of love. It’s those experiences that create the shutdown of our hearts.  In order to protect our emotional selves we dam up. We withhold love until a recipient is proven worthy.  We revoke love the moment we feel threatened in a relationship.  The ego responds to the threat in the same way the endochrine system responds to a physical threat, and the result is flight or fight. In the case of the heart, we all too often choose flight.  But therein lies the key, we choose. It may well be an unconscious choice but it is a choice, one most of us are asked to make at some point in our lives.  Daring to let love flow freely, both to and from the heart, takes courage, but without surrender, we remain like the damned river, our hearts closed off and unable to feel the connection to life, others, or our Source.

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