Honour the Feeling

Day 224


In order to live consciously, I must be aware of and acknowledge my feelings. 

I do not invalidate or deny my feelings.  

I do not allow others to invalidate my feelings.

I embrace and honour my feelings.          


Our feelings are an emotional response to life experiences.  Sometimes those feelings make sense and seem logical, such as feeling anxious before an exam.  When we’re comfortable with our feelings or they seem appropriate, we validate them with acknowledgement,  “I’m really nervous about this big test.”   But sometimes our feelings seem illogical or make us uncomfortable and those we tend to dismiss or deny-  “I’m being silly, there’s no reason to (worry/fear/be jealous/etc.)”  There may truly be no reason to worry or be in fear, but that does not change the fact that the feeling exists.  Feelings, even those that have no basis in reality, must be acknowledged and honoured.  If they are not, they will only persist and expand.  And when we deny and dismiss our feelings, we invalidate ourselves.  We send the message to ourselves that we are wrong, silly, stupid, weak, faulty, or bad.  When we acknowledge and accept our feelings- all of them – we embrace and validate our selves and our authenticity.  By accepting and embracing our feelings, we also give ourselves an opportunity to evaluate them and see them more objectively, creating pathways to other, perhaps more appropriate or more positive feelings.   When it comes to our feelings, we can not say goodbye to something we have never said hello to.

2 thoughts on “Honour the Feeling

  1. Hello, I miss your blog posts! I loved reading them…. they always inspire me. help me move forward…. Hope you’ll start blogging again.

  2. I have been reading your blog for over 7 days…my friend started a Gratitude Train on FB…there ae 350 or more members and I use a lot of your thought process and quotes on there with of course your name saying ” I read such a good reading today by you” thank you your part of my breakfast and its become part of my day to read….your thoughts.

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