The Journey’s Unexpected Turns

I want to thank everyone who subscribes to this blog for your *amazing* patience and understanding over the past several months, and I’d like to offer an explanation for the infrequency of entries.  When I began this blog on January 1st, 2011, I did so with the intention of writing daily for the entirety of the year, but life offered me an unexpected path last June and all intentions went by the wayside. 

After a decade of traversing through life deliberately in solitude, a beautiful man asked if we could travel together.  *Knowing* we belonged together, we combined our households–no easy task, let me tell you–and in the midst of it all, life threw its necessary curve balls just to test our resolve.  At the same time I was asked to take what would be a 3-month caregiving position that required long full-time shifts.   So I chose, again quite deliberately, to make our relationship a priority and suspend writing until life settled in.

Finally, months later, it has.  The work has ended, our life together is mostly humming along, and I am gratefully  intending to again post daily.  To those who expressed concern over my absence, now you know– it’s all been for love!  Thank you everyone for every kind word and all of your positive, supportive thoughts.  I appreciate all of you!   And…


7 thoughts on “The Journey’s Unexpected Turns

  1. Well, it’s always better to prefer Life over ‘writing about life.’ Nice to know that the reasons that kept you away from the blog were all happy. Hope the happiness would continue forever 🙂

  2. I’m so happy for you, Elizabeth. You are are such a caring soul, and you deserve all the best. We all must be flexible enough to go with the flow and enjoy the path we were meant to take. 🙂

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