Finding Peace

Day 235


I am free of inner conflict.

I am at-one with my life.

I am at peace in my mind.

I am at peace in my spirit.

I am at peace in my heart.

I am at peace.

I am peace.


We all need a place we can go to find peace, a place where we can be un-intruded upon, still, and centered.  It’s important that place be easily accessible and available 24/7.   The peaceful place may be indoors, in a bedroom, meditation room, or even in the bathtub or shower.  It may be outside, in a garden, on a porch, or in a spa or pool.  The peaceful space should be made known to others, that they know not to interrupt when we’re there.  Once in our designated refuge, a simple breathing meditation or repeated affirmation, can help still the mind and align us with the peace we desire.   Too often we place other’s needs above our own, but without time and a place to connect to our inner selves, we lose our balance and wind up stressed, reactive or tired.   A few minutes spent in our chosen place each morning and each evening can do wonders for aligning ourselves for both a day out in the world, and a night deep in our subconscious.

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