Begin Within

Day 237


I accept responsiblity for my life.

I find wholeness and healing in my life by first looking inward.

There is no-thing that I can not overcome by first looking inward.


No one can fix their life if the internal structure is broken.  The external always reflects the internal, and eventually all inner issues will reveal themselves outwardly.  It’s easy to blame others and circumstances for the life messes we find ourselves in, but those messes are generally the product of internal issues that have caused us to make poor choices and take wrong actions. Whether the problem is an inability to find lasting abundance, cultivate healthy relationships, or find satisfying purpose in life, the permanent solution is always found by first going within.  When the internal structure is whole, healthy, and secure,  the external reflects that wholeness.  That is not to say that difficulty will not find its way into our lives, it always will, but how we manage those challenges, how we overcome them, and how we grow from them, depends largely on how healthy and secure our internal world is.

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