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Day 244


I will never again let life tell me, “no.”


It’s so easy to quit when met by obstacles.  Or to give up when it seems like trying is all you’re doing, never succeeding.   Or to feel like a victim to life.  Who hasn’t been there?   Today I’m reminded of the woman who taught me the meaning of empowerment.   Vilma survived both World Wars while living in eastern Europe, dangerous escape to Austria with two young daughters, the loss of her baby boy, and a marriage that involved many horrors, including rape.   “Many times,” she told me, “I want to die, but inside me something could not quit.”  Eventually she left Europe and her husband, started her own business and a new life.   She thrived, became very successful and lived a full 97 years.   I asked her once what got her through all the hard times.   “You listen and I tell you,” she said. “No matter what I go through I know I am here for a reason or else I would be dead, so it is my job to find a reason.”   Then she took my face in her hands and that little woman, just barely four and a half feet tall,  in her thick Hungarian accent said, “I make choice to never let life tell me no.  I made life say yes to me!”    When we’re crumbling under the weight of experience, or life wants to know what we’re made of, instead of backing down, stand tall and courageous, with the wisdom of a true heroine to encourage.


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Day 243


I surrender to the mystery of not-knowing how things will turn out.

I let go my need to have certainty and control.


No one can know with any certainty what tomorrow will bring.  The best anyone can do is count on it arriving, and even that is not guaranteed.  When such uncertainty presents itself, we have two ways in which to respond- we can engage our rational minds and plan for, or worry about, outcomes, or  we can let go and be accepting of the unknown.  In a world where ‘taking control’ and ‘being in charge’ are held in esteem, it can be hard to accept the I-don’t-know factor that is an innate part of life’s journey.  Choosing and acting upon our choices is necessary, but so is allowing things to unfold in their most natural, resistance-free way.

The mysteries of life were once held sacred, revered as those conditions where everything-and-nothing resides, where the Divine resides.  It would serve humanity well to again embrace the mystery of not-knowing as a sacred trust placed in the heart of the Divine.  When we surrender our need-to-know and need-to-control, we allow ourselves a rare chance to breathe, with minds free and hearts wide open.  In such a state, hope blooms and is watered by faith, and we experience the natural (not forced) rhythms of life as they move thru us.   When we surrender to the mystery we find serenity and ease.

Catch yourself today when you have controlling, need-to-know thoughts, and immediately release them.  As you do, feel the pressure leave your body.  Feel your head lighten, your shoulders drop, and your stomach relax.   Allow your grasp to be freed as you give those reins to the Universe to hold.

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Day 240


I have no need to control others.

I am empowered.

I do not give my power away to others.

I am empowered.


Empowerment is what we feel when we are feeling safe, self-confident, and are experiencing the world outside of our egos.  Empowerment  feels like a sanctuary where there is no threat and no need to threaten.  When we feel empowered we feel in control of ourselves and our lives, but are not controlling.  Empowerment is rooted in self-acceptance and self-love.  Empowerment is found halfway between the need to overpower others and the need to be overpowered. It is the harmonious balance between the two extremes.  Everything we do, think, and feel comes from one of these places.  During the course of a day one might move back and forth between them several times.   Become aware of the place you are acting, thinking, and feeling from by asking yourself, “Am  I choosing from empowerment or the need to control?”  ”Am I feeling empowered or powerless?”    Guide yourself gently back to the balance point of empowerment if needed.


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Day 239


I completely surrender today’s trials, disappointments and concerns over to the Universe, to work through on my behalf.

I release all unpleasant emotions I have carried with me today.

I free myself of today’s worries, upsets and frustrations.

Tomorrow is a new day, a fresh start, a new beginning.

Tomorrow I will begin life anew, in peace and faith.


Some days are just more effort than any should be.  Some days seem to be overflowing with challenges and struggles, both perceived and real.  Some days we wish we could just disappear.  And it’s on those days that we can find comfort in the sun’s departure, because at night, during sleep, we can disappear.  For a few hours we are able to journey into our subconscious, dreams and the astral world.  But before going to sleep we need to release pent-up stress and emotions. If we don’t we’re likely to sleep horribly and wake with the same stresses, possibly magnified, in our consciousness.  The release can be spoken, thought, drawn, written, visualized, exhaled, or chanted–it makes no difference how it’s done. Once the day’s troubles are truly surrendered (to the Universe/God/Self) sleep should come easily, and when we reawaken into our physical lives in the morning, we can do so with a new outlook, a fresh hope.

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Day 238


I am an optimistic, positive being.

I allow only that which is positive to reside in my world.

I surround myself with positive energy.

I consciously choose and create a positive environment where I live and work.


While the external world mirrors the internal, it also has the power to influence the inner world.  If the morning is off to a rocky start, threatening to throw you into imbalance with first light, an external environment filled with peaceful, loving energy will support your return to harmony whereas a chaotic, tense environment will only support a further fall from center.  It’s important that we take time periodically to look around our environments and assess the energy that dominates, making changes where necessary and possible.

Some examples of environmental negatives are:

  • dark, brooding, depressing colors
  • artwork that depicts or promotes negative action/emotion
  • music, television and video games that focus on negative situations or excessive drama
  • food that is overly processed, has chemical additives, or promotes lack of health
  • animals and people whose dominant energy is negative
  • items that evoke unpleasant memories
  • clothes that make us feel unattractive
  • clutter, disorder and mess
  • lack of natural light

No environment is always free of negative influences,but those negative influences should never be allowed to dominate.  Imagine you’ve been asked to design a business that creates, promotes and sells only well-being and health. You’ve been told it should be a place where every customer feels uplifted, revitalized, calmed and centered as they enter. Well the business is your world and the #1 customer is you.

Look around your personal spaces– the bedroom, home, car and work area– where you find negativity, consider redecorating for optimism, health and tranquility.  Add lively color, art that promotes the positive attributes you desire, flowers and plants and fresh fruits and vegetables, symbols of freedom and expansion, for example. By doing so you’ll be immersing yourself in a positive, optimistic energy flow that will uplift and support your well-being on a daily basis.

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