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Day 247


For these holidays I am free of stress and centered in joy.
I choose to laugh and smile at the little glitches that really make no lasting difference.
I watch as small annoyances disappear while I exist in a space of flowing grace.
I choose to make this holiday a time of happiness, serenity & gratitude for what is good, right & authentic.
I choose to be present in my heart, regardless of my surroundings and the behaviour of others.
I choose to remember what is truly important and focus on those things from my heart filled with love.

We recently gave a very special friend a holiday gift- a gardening book we knew he’d cherish. A few days later we unexpectedly received a card from him. Inside he wrote, “Thank you for the gift of friendship.” I was incredibly touched, both by his openess- he’s a reserved man- and by the fact that he chose not to mention the material gift, instead putting his attention on the more valuable gift of friendship. As I read his words I was reminded of all that truly matters during this holiday season– our relationships.

The tree will die, the wrappings will be thrown away, and the decorations will be forgotten for at least another year, but what will be remembered and held deeply in our consciousness is how we got along with each other, how we communicated, and how we gave our love.

"Christmas Homecoming" by Norman Rockwell, Saturday Evening Post Cover

“Christmas Homecoming” by Norman Rockwell, Saturday Evening Post Cover


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