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365 Days of Inspiration

Day 205


When I have uncertainty, I reach for faith.

When I have worry, I reach for faith.

When I have apprehension, I reach for faith.

When I have no control, I reach for faith.

When I have no direction, I reach for faith.


St. Paul wrote that faith is, “the evidence of things unseen, and the substance of things hoped for.”  Faith has the ability to promote a renewed sense of confidence and optimism, and faith is always at our disposal.  It is cultivated from within an open heart, where knowing and believing in goodness, grace and our connection to the Divine permanently dwell.  When actions are fruitless, thoughts are wayward, and weariness begins to take hold, draw on faith for the courage and strength to move beyond the uncertainty and into clarity. 

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Day 248


Does this positively contribute to my life?

Does this bring out the best in me?

Is this in harmony with the energy frequencies I wish to live in accord with?


We were channel surfing and paused for a moment when we landed on a well-known  television drama.  We were sucked in and a single moment turned into about 20 minutes of wasted time.  When we snapped out of our drama-induced coma and turned the TV off we began a dialog that found us questioning some of our choices.  How much time do we unconsciously spend bringing negativity into our lives?  How many hours do we spend engaged in activities, conversations, or thoughts that do absolutely nothing to improve the quality of our lives or better us as individuals?  We concluded that with a just a little awareness we can recognize that which is not beneficial to our human experience and choose to not to engage it.  It might take a bit of effort but  we agreed–it’s an effort worth making.

Positive or Negative?

Positive or Negative?

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