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365 Days of Inspiration

Day 120


 Today and EVERY DAY I intend toward living a life in reverent beneficence to this planetary residence called “Mother Earth”.


The Earth is a living, breathing, pulsing manifestation of Light just as you and I are. She allows us to live upon her mantle and sup from the generous bounty of  her hearth.  She has given herself in service to humanity and we have repaid this generosity how?   Each of us has the ability to choose whether to continue to  be a parasite upon the planet, or live in a state of mutualism-benefitting both the earth and humanity.  It takes only one change in habits-recycling, giving up plastic water bottles, or using reusable shopping bags, for example- to make a change toward creating a healthier planet.   Let’s take one (or one more) step together, starting today. 

by Grateful Dead artist William Giese
                                                         Living Planet by Grateful Dead artist William Giese

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