Keep Life Light

(Recommended companion reading for this affirmation)

Day 251


I will laugh whenever possible today

I will smile as often as I can

I will balance seriousness with silliness

Just for today I will let my burdens go


It is all too easy to become drawn into the heavy, dark, and serious side of life when so many external forces operate within that energy. Media sources-like television, radio, and print-bombard us with worrisome, angry, hateful and fear filled images and messages. Co-workers, family members, neighbors, and others in our daily experiences often do the same. If we aren’t deliberate and conscious in our interactions and choices, we can be brought down too. But if we pay attention, we can choose actions, thoughts and feelings that keep life light. We can turn off the heavy programming and turn on the light and fanciful. We can take a break from frustrations- consciously refusing to acknowledge them for just one day. We can surround ourselves with people, places, and things that makes us smile and laugh. And we can remind ourselves that life is just to short to plod through when we can choose to skip or even fly.

crawling through mud

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