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Day 259


I am grateful to be an observer of all the miracles, magic, and wonder around me.

I see synchronicity and purpose in the unfolding of experiences.

I am in awe of the underlying Divine order amidst the seemingly mundane chaos.


Living on auto-pilot gets us from A to B and usually pretty effectively, but is it a joy-full ride? Is it meaning-full? Is it spiritually and emotionally fulfilling? Or is it flat and unemotional? Even productivity can be filled with awe if we switch our mode of travel from reflexive and autonomic to intentional and mindful. Being aware of a bigger picture and an underlying mystery and magic within existence can turn the most monotonous into the supremely miraculous.

Here are a few ideas for simple things each of us can do to help turn on our awareness and step into the awe:

Pick up a camera and walk around your world.  Spend at least an hour seeing your world through the lens of a camera,  taking photos of any and every thing you find of interest.  Seek the curious, the wondrous, the beautiful and the inspiring.  Get low, look high. We tend to save picture-taking for events and occasions, but the photo-worthy moments are always here and now.

Have a media, technology, and print free day. Avoid all computer, television, radio, telephone, book, magazine, and even mail stimulation. We live in a world of endless mental processing. We’re inundated with information and when our brains are being flooded it’s pretty hard to hear the sound of a cat purring or see the light filtering through the autumn leaved trees. Spend the day just being present in your world and your experiences. Be aware of what is happening around you as you see, hear, taste, smell, and perceive it. It may take planning ahead, but can be done.

Take an A-W-E walk. I used to do this with my son and it was always an eye-opening experience, both literally and figuratively. On your walk, look for one awe-inspiring thing that begins with each of the three letters in the word AWE. For example, you might see an ant trail.  Even though ANT begins with A, but you see nothing awe-inspiring in an ant trail. Get closer and look again. They’re amazing creatures with clear purpose, motivation, and determination. The exercise may seem easy but it’s a little harder than it sounds and that’s intentional – it forces us to look at the ordinary and see the extraordinary.

Keep a coincidence notebook.  Keeping track of those “wow, what are the chances?” moments, the synchronicities and the unexplainable happenstances, allows us to be witness to Creation at work. IT is laying roads and creating networks, connecting lives and opening doors all the time. Writing them down makes us aware, and hopefully, awed.

Einstein had the right idea.  From Amazon


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Day 258


I am empowered with choice and the right to say no.

I know how to assert myself and say no.

I know how to be honest and say no.

I do not make excuses, I just say no.

I do not say yes or maybe when I mean no, I just say no.


The neighbor, sweet as she is, needs another ride somewhere.  You have the time but really don’t want to play chauffeur right now.  Maybe you just got home.  Maybe you’re tired.  You volley your options back and forth as she stands at your door waiting for an answer.  You find yourself saying, “Sure, give me a minute.”   Later you’ll berate yourself for answering the door, though you might be better off wondering why you couldn’t find the word no in your vocabulary.

It’s such a little word, but those two letters must hold some tremendously big power for so many to avoid using them.  Perhaps we don’t like to say no because we don’t like to hear it, or maybe we learned as children that it was not okay to say no. Sometimes we feel selfish or hurtful saying no, or are afraid of losing the good opinion of others. Sometimes we’re afraid of losing something else – a relationship, a job, a possibility.  Whatever the reason, the result of not being able to say no can be ugly.  Being resentful, acting as a martyr or passive-aggressively, making excuses, dodging questions, and lacking healthy boundaries are often the unwanted by-products.

On the other hand, it’s really amazing what happens when we do start saying no.  People respect us. They respect our empowerment, our directness, our honesty, and our ability to do what so many cannot.   And by asserting ourselves, we promote our own healthy self-esteem and start expecting others to do the same.  The next time someone asks you, “Do you want to… (fill in the blank)?” Answer honestly.  If you don’t want to, say no, then see what happens.  You might be shocked to realize how good a gentle, courteous “No.” can feel.


An excellent companion for this affirmation:


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Humility by Kadir Nelson from http://www.kadirnelson.com

To see more of his incredible and INSPIRED works go to www.kadirnelson.com

Day 257


I acknowledge that I am human

and I  am humbled today by the gift of my humanness.

I easily and readily apologize for my mis-ses.

I accept responsibility without hesitation.

I forgive myself.

I am an example of humility, courage and authenticity.


Being human really is a gift but it’s not one that comes easily, especially for those of us struggling to rise above our ego-rooted reactions and live a more heart-centered experience.  Sometimes that humanness just gets the best of us and we react.  We say something we don’t really mean or take frustration out on a person or situation totally unrelated to our inner struggle.  We blow up, we lash out, we hide behind arrogance, we crumble in the certainty that no one understands us (and certainly no one loves us), we feel alone and isolated, we may even engage in a full-blown pity party.  And it’s OK, and it’s normal, and it’s part of the balance we all struggle to find.  It may even be entirely emotionally healthy.  But on the other side of that humanness we need to find humility.

Cultivating the ability to recognize and own our mis-ses – mistakes, misdirection,  misuse of language, misguided attempts, etc. –  make amends for them, and then forgive ourselves for them, takes our humanness to a new level.

The absence of our humanity is not the goal of evolution; it is when our humanity exits in equal partnership with our humility that we are on our way.


A terrific movie that explores what it means to BE HUMAN and evolve

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Day 256


May I have the opportunity today to help someone in need of my love and support.

I shall not waste this life in useless pursuits but use it well to bring benefit and happiness to the world.


Today’s affirmation was written by the late Most Venerable Dr. K. Sri Dhammananda Nayaka Maha Thera; his words are a small portion of a Buddhist morning prayer.  When I read the words I knew I had to share them.  What a beautiful way to begin a morning – intending to help others and bringing happiness to the world.

A tremendously important aspect of an authentic and empowered walk thru life is the giving of ourselves to others.  A selfless interest in the well-being of others naturally flows from the heart that has found wholeness.

Supporting others can take infinite forms.  It may involve emotional support, money, services, or just being present with someone.  Allowing another their privacy and giving someone a second chance are a  few less obvious ways we can give to others.

Whatever we do that promotes and uplifts another to their highest potential and greatest happiness, is giving.  And, one of the Universe’s magical Truths is that when we give of ourselves we are simultaneously giving to ourselves, so we really are uplifting the whole world.


If you’re interested in learning more about Buddhist prayers and practices this is a wonderful book by Thich Nhat Hanh

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Day 255


Today I will embrace life using a positive language approach that aligns itself with my desires.

I will speak in terms of outcome and potential.

I will use language that empowers and moves me forward.


The other day I listened as a close friend told me, “I’m going to stop (blanking).  I don’t want to do that anymore.  It’s not healthy.”  The language he used set off bells and whistles in my head.   He was approaching the change he wanted to make from a negative perspective, however subtle it may have been, and his words reflected his view.  He was focusing on the original behavior, which he viewed negatively, and it was from that same negative slant he was approaching change.  There’s a huge energetic and emotional difference between choosing to STOP something and choosing to START something.  NOT wanting to do something is the exact opposite of WANTING to do something.  Though his words were truthful, they told me he was in a for a struggle if he didn’t change his approach.  I gently explained that if he shifted his thinking and language from what he DOESN’T want to what he DOES want, he’d have a much better chance of creating lasting change.  Gratefully, he listened and understood.

We all approach life from a less than ideal outlook sometimes and can slip into negative language easily,  but we can shift our point of view by focusing on what we want, what we seek, what we hope for, and what we are moving toward, instead of their opposites.  Instead of complaining (the focus being on what we don’t like) we can suggest, which puts our attention on what we want.  Instead of saying what we will not tolerate, we can talk about what we will accept.  Instead of talking about not doing something unhealthy, we can talk about doing something healthy.   There’s a powerful difference between saying “I just quit smoking.” and “I just started being healthier.”  “I won’t put up with this anymore.” has a very different energy and emotion to it than “I will accept nothing less than better.”

I think Mother Theresa probably summed it up best.  “I was once asked why I don’t participate in anti-war demonstrations. I said that I will never do that, but as soon as you have a pro-peace rally, I’ll be there.”


(Suggested Reading Link for this Affirmation )

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Day 254


*I release all resistance to well-being.

I accept nothing less than well-being in my life.

I make choices that promote well-being in my life.

*I release all resistance to well-being in my life.

I am worthy of well-being in my life.

I welcome all that supports my well-being in my life.

*I release all resistance to well-being in my life.


It usually happens without our awareness.  First we get comfy.  Then discomfort begins in some area of life and we ignore it,  make excuses for it, or perhaps complain about it, but take no action to end it.  After a while we become accustomed to the discomfort and it becomes our new normal.  Living in physically unsafe housing, being in a relationship that provides financial security but offers no emotional stability, remaining in a loathsome job, and continuing to make poor nutrition choices in spite of health problems, are just a few examples of how we find – and keep – ourselves in patterns of resistance to well-being.

Breaking those patterns involves recognizing them, accepting our worthiness of something more or better, and taking action in the direction of well-being.  Sounds easy.  It isn’t.  Feelings of unworthiness are often deep-rooted and may even require counseling to effectively heal.

Making change can provoke fear.  After all, the uncomfortable known can be easier to live with than any unknown, no matter how much potential for comfort it may hold.  Nevertheless, facing the challenge is worth the time, effort and inevitable tears because WE are worth the time, effort and inevitable smiles.

No matter what is holding us back, we can –  with support, determination, and courage –  make the changes that propel us out of resistance and into well-being.

Inspiration From Amazon.com

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