We Already Are

Day 9


I already am the best version of myself I could ever be.

I have nothing to perfect; I am perfection by my nature.

I surrender my efforts to become someone so that who I AM may be revealed.


It is so easy to become entangled in the belief that the spiritual journey is a journey toward perfecting one’s self.   After all, if we work hard enough at becoming good and just and tolerant and patient and loving and, and, and, then we’ll achieve something.  Then we’ll become our best selves.  Yes, the spiritual journey is about expressing humanely and lovingly but there is nothing to perfect.  The secret- the REAL secret- is that we are all already perfected.  We don’t have to work toward becoming anything because all we seek to be we already are.  The only work we have to do is to reveal our true natures.

The true essence of the spiritual journey is the peeling away of layers we’ve gathered around ourselves.  It’s the un-learning of who we think we are and who we think we ought to be so we can be who we’ve always been – the one who is buried underneath the judgments, taming, and expectations of the world.  It’s the disarming of ourselves- removing the emotional armor and dropping the ego-created shields we carry in order to expose our true selves.  We are eternal, Divine, and heart-centered beings by nature with nothing to strive for but often much to let go of.  We are whole, complete, and already perfected.  We’ve just forgotten.

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