I Am in Perfect Health

Day 17


I am alive.

I am in perfect health and no one can tell me otherwise.

Every part of my body, every cell is operating for my best interest and well-being.

I am slim and strong and vital.

Illness, disease and discomfort have no place in my life and no longer exist for me.

I am youthful and in a constant state of rejuvenation.

This is not an affirmation based on denial or fantasy.  It’s an affirmation based on creating an emotional paradigm or inner reality that – if fully believed, affirmed and supported with right action – can become physical reality.

If we live with an emotional paradigm of physical suffering and ailments, our actions and choices will sabotage any desires we may have for well-being.  If we live with an emotional paradigm of illness, everything we do – however unconscious – will support our becoming or staying ill.  But when we shift that paradigm to one of health, wellness, and vitality we find ourselves joyfully, easily and often unconsciously taking action to support being healthy, well and vital.  When we take control of the paradigm from which we experience physicality we become empowered in our health. This affirmation may not assert where we are right now, but it is the first step toward where we all want to be.


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