The Dis-Abling Effects of Fear

Day 18


Right now, right here, I am strong, determined and unwilling to let fear undermine my author-ity.

I refuse to allow fear to disable my creative potential.

I refuse to let fear dis-able me.

I choose to move beyond fear and into my potential.


Imagine a fear-full person preparing to skydive.  He stands in the doorway of the plane, holding on to whatever will keep him safely in the plane.  He’s rigid, rooted in place, unable to take that step out of the plane.  He is paralyzed by his fear, and in that moment, all potential is disabled.  All forward motion is stopped.  No progress can be made.  His fear has dis-abled him.  In the very same way, fear has the potential to dis-able us in our ordinary, day-to-day lives.  We are the authors, creators and inventors of our lives but when in fear, all potential is frozen.  We can not move forward.  We can not jump into life with enthusiasm.  We can not experience the abundant, joy-full, loving experiences that are waiting for us. But in spite of our fears, we have choices and we can choose to push ourselves beyond our fear and into our potential.

3 thoughts on “The Dis-Abling Effects of Fear

  1. Hi, My suggestion to this is make the affirmation positive. Rather say I am embrasing my power and stand in my epicentre. Try accepting rather then refusing.

  2. You’ve got a really valid and spot on point and normally I don’t take the “negative” slant, but there was a reason for it in this post…. In my experience I’ve found that sometimes we need to stand against “a thing” – in this case fear – before we can make the complete shift to standing for or with it’s opposite (fearlessness/courage). Fear is so powerful and all consuming I felt it was okay to make this affirmation a baby-step that builds up a sense of empowerment thru defiance that can lead one into the next place. But I completely understand and appreciate what you’re saying – especially from an energetic/LOA perspective – and thank you for sharing!

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