Trust the Feeling

Day 24


I trust my feelings and emotions as part of my inner guidance.

If a situation or choice feels right to me, I know it is right for me.


We each have an inner guidance system that helps us navigate through life and toward our fullest potential.  Our feelings tell us if we’re working with or against that guidance.   Tension or ease, expansion or restriction, blocked or allowing, comfort or stress, relief or uncertainty….these are some of the feelings that tell us if we are working in harmony with our inner guidance or not.   Our feelings tell us if someone we meet might be a positive influence in our lives, or if we should be cautious.  Our feelings tell us when it’s safe to walk alone and when we should choose a different direction.  Our feelings can even tell us which house to buy- “It just feels like home.”  It’s always in our best interest to trust our inner guidance and our feelings- if a situation or choice feels uncomfortable it’s important not to override that feeling with reason and analysis.  When we have to select between two options and don’t know which is best, our feelings are an excellent gauge. By using our imaginations we can test-drive our choices and see which one feels right.  The better choice will produce the better feeling.



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