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Day 59


I appreciate what I have and I want more of it.

I appreciate what I have and I expect more of it.

Abundance and plenty live in harmony with my grace, humility and spirituality.

I’m not advocating self-indulgence, greed or imbalanced materialism; I’m advocating the innate right of every person to want more of what makes their life better, easier, richer, more expansive and filled with greater opportunities.   For some, saying the words “I want more” can feel greedy, ungrateful and self-centered.  We’re raised to think we deserve less than more.  We’re raised to believe that wanting is anti-spiritual.   None of that is true.  Self-denial, sacrifice and limiting beliefs are not spiritual attributes.   The more of any good thing we have, the more we have to share.   The happier, more stable and more loved we feel, the better able we are to serve others.

The true nature of our Source is infinite, abundant and free-flowing.  By allowing that flow to come into our lives freely and happily, without regulation and without guilt for wanting, we not only allow Source to live within us unbridled, but also through us toward others.


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Day 58


I honour the boundaries of others.

I respect and honour other’s lives as their most personal asset, to share as they choose, or not at all.

I know only what my own boundaries are and make no assumptions about the boundaries of others.


In line at the market was a forty-something woman who was showing [anyone who would look] photos she’d just picked up from a photography studio.  They were Glamour Shot type pictures of her daughter.   They were attractive, but did she have a right to share them with strangers?  In doing so was she honouring her daughter’s boundaries? 

A man met a woman who had lost her husband in the 9/11 attacks.  He wanted to know more so he went online and researched her husband’s death.  Was he being respectful of the woman’s privacy and honouring her boundaries? 

A friend shared that she learned her son and his girlfriend had recently had sex for the first time.  How many had their personal boundaries violated in that disclosure?    

Looking where we aren’t invited to look, sharing what isn’t ours to share, giving away bits of information not ours to give, or engaging in any other violation of privacy is disempowering to others and dishonours their right to create their own healthy boundaries.    If asked about another’s well-being, social or marital status, health or other personal matter- unless given permission to have such a conversation- we should always defer to the subject of the questioning.   Want to know if my friend is single?  You’ll have to ask him.  Wish to know how that co-worker’s surgery went?  You’ll have to ask her.  Without clear authority to speak on another’s behalf or delve into their world, we have no right to presume to know what their boundaries are or if we are breaching them.  We empower others when we give them the right to choose the parameters of their own boundaries.  We also show them we value their world, their lives, their stories and even their images as their own.  And in the process of respecting others boundaries, we empower and remind ourselves to create and promote our own healthy boundaries.

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Day 57


I am proud for my children’s successes, achievements  or good example.

I support my children’s dreams, hopes and happiness.

I encourage my children and other young persons to be better than my best.

Many parents feel resentful when their offspring shine where they never could, achieve what they never dared, and aspire to be what they never even conceived of being.   Many parents feel threatened by their child’s good looks, popularity, and healthy self-esteem.   When a child flourishes in an aspect of their life that a parent feels insecure about in theirs, the potential for rivalry, control issues, and emotional abuse arises.   Many insecure adults relate to their children with an air of competition.  If there must be any competition between parent and child it should either be in good fun or in order for the child to learn to succeed and surpass their parent competitor.

The spiritual reality of the parent-child relationship is this– children are supposed to become better humans than their parents.  Every generation should be better at being human than the previous.  Such is the essence of evolution.  Everything that a parent models is intended to offer their child a chance to become more loving and more successful in life.  As parents it is our responsibility to encourage our children to be better than we are… in every way.  And when they are, we need not be threatened.  We can smile and know we have done our job well. If our children are more successful, more compassionate, more creative, more authentic, more courageous, more independent, more secure, smarter, stronger and happier than we have ever been, we can be very proud.

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Day 56


I value community.

I make the effort to engage myself in communities with which I have shared interests.

I am grateful for the community of friends/colleagues/like-minded others to which I belong.

I find support and understanding within my communities.

I have something of value to offer others within my communities.

To belong to a community is an inherent part of being human.   Within groups we can find support and reassurance that may not be adequate or available in one-on-one relationships.   A community is no longer restricted to a physical grouping of people for a common interest, now we have virtual communities that can meet the need for group connection and support as well as any.   A community might be a sports team or quilting group, a church choir or a veteran’s organization.  It may also be an online group of social activists, writers or entrepreneurs.   Whatever the community or how it gathers, these groupings are shown to uplift and promote the welfare of its members.  As an added bonus, those who are connected to others through community groups, are known to be happier, healthier and live longer and more fulfilling lives.

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Day 55


I consciously create the legacy I wish to leave.

I act in harmony with how I wish to one day be remembered.

How we remember someone when they leave this world is largely the result of how they lived.   We are remembered  for our words and our  deeds.   It is not the selfish, intolerant and cruel who are remembered as heroes, saints and humanitarians.  While no one should live their life worrying about what others think, it can be a nice wake up call to stop and ask, “What do I want to be remembered for when my time here is done?”   If the answers are in harmony with how we’re now living, then who we are and how we want to be thought of are aligned.   If they are not, it’s never too late to begin living the legacy we desire to leave.  It’s not too hard either.  To be remembered as a gentle warrior for love, gently love.  To be remembered as a shooting star, work toward your dreams.  To be remembered as authentic, be yourself.

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Day 54


I live true to myself.

I listen openly to the ideas of others but decide for myself.

I live my own original life.

Sometimes we fall like blind sheep over the ledge and into the pit of cultural should’s and shouldn’ts, acceptables and unacceptables, such that what others think becomes a genuinely unconscious factor in our decision making. Whether it’s about which music is cool to listen to or which clothes are in style, or something vastly more important like which path to follow or who to love, we must be consciously aware of what influences play into our choices and decisions.  Living authentically means living true to one’s own beliefs, opinions and ideas, even if that means being unsupported.

"being true to yourself"

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Day 53


I am stronger than I appear to be.

I am stronger than I think I am.

I am not yet as strong as I will be.

We may be physically small, weak, or feel challenged by our body, age, or intellect, but no matter what the perceived limitation, we are ALL stronger than we appear to be, and undeniably stronger than we think we are.   The strength I’m referring to  is inner strength, what we think of as courage, determination, fortitude, grace and integrity.   This inner strength has carried each of us through life’s storms.   It has given us the will to get out of bed when we all we want to do is hide under the covers.   Our strength allows us to stand up for others without a second thought.  It nudges us gently into relationships that are so good they scare us, and forcefully walks us away from those so bad they wound us.    Our inner strength allows us to face our fears, go for our goals, recover from pain, and express ourselves authentically.

Think of a time when you were sure you could not take another step in life,  a time when hope was nothing more than another 4-letter word.    Something propelled you out of the abyss.  What was it?  It wasn’t  the friend, book or doctor.  It was you.   Before anything external can help us move from misery to recovery, we must first reach the point of wanting better for ourselves and creating that space where better can be seeded.  And  it is inner strength that births that desire for better, allowing us to find or accept help.   Our strength never leaves us, no matter what happens to our bodies or our situations.  Not only is it a permanent part of our beings, it grows with each trial.   It reminds us that we’ve overcome before and will again.  It says, “If I could go through that, I can get through anything.”

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Day 52


I am flexible in my journey, how it unfolds and where it leads.

I am open to seeing new doors as they appear in front of me, walking through them if invited.

I let go my rigid expectations and create an open space of willingness to accept and receive the unexpected gifts of the Universe.

I allow my fixed dreams and desires to become malleable.

We all know someone who has stopped struggling toward a goal or desire, only to then achieve it.  Or let go of a dream, certain it would never be realized, only to then know something better or even more fulfilling.  Imagine how many people have missed out on great relationships, jobs, and experiences because those presented them didn’t match their criteria.  Life rarely offers the straight and well paved road to where we wish to be.  More often it’s filled with unexpected twists and turns, and blind corners that keep us guessing.  If we are willing to be flexible and open to the unknown, if we are willing to trust that there is a universal force at work in our lives that knows even better than we do how to reach our desired happiness, and if we surrender our small will to that force, miracles will happen. When we create a space of openness in our hearts and minds for the unknown and are willing to step forward and say YES to it, we make ourselves and our lives available for all that is beautiful, fulfilling and joy-full.

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Day 51


I choose a positive perspective no matter what my situation is.

If we see ourselves as victims of this world we cannot feel grateful for all that is right in our lives . If our focus is on what we perceive as lacking, we can not see all that we have. But when we come at life from the other side, seeing what we love and want and cherish and appreciate and learn from, we no longer see what we don’t want, don’t like, and don’t feel good about.  When our focus is on what is uplifting, we don’t see what brings us down.  When our hearts are feeling grateful for the plenty we do have, we aren’t giving attention to what we think is missing.   While in the midst of positive, limitless, hopeful thoughts, we are not having negative, limiting and doubting thoughts.  Having and maintaining a positive perspective changes everything because it changes everything.


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Day 50    A Chance To Start Over

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Day 50


It is never too late to begin again.

Every moment is an opportunity to start over.


No matter how futile a situation may seem, it is never too late to begin anew.   Just as we like to view each new year as an opportunity to begin again, so too can we view each day – and even each moment – as an opportunity for a fresh start.   Whatever has not been working can be given a second (or third or tenth) chance by choosing a ‘starting over’ attitude.   A discussion turning into an argument can be stopped and started in a new direction.  A relationship that is struggling can be given a chance to begin again.   Age, health, education, time, experience, opportunity, history, re$ources, and location are oft used excuses for not starting something over when fear is usually the real culprit.  Starting something over can be scary, scary enough to make staying the same preferable, however toxic, unhealthy, or growth inhibiting that may be.  Don’t allow fear or excuses to prevent every situation from being the best it can be.  If something is not going the way that we wish it to, or working out as best we think it can, seize the opportunity in every moment to start over.

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Day 49


I set today aside as a day for peace, tranquility and simplicity in my world.

Whether it is found in quiet woods, a soaking bath, on the couch, or in the bedroom, simplicity is something available to us all at any time we choose.  And it is a choice.  Setting aside one day to be free of lists, deadlines and the hurried pace of existence is a vacation to the soul.  Pausing to breathe for a day revitalizes the spirit and revives the soul.  There was a time when Sundays were that day, when businesses closed and time seemed to stop.  The world may have changed, but we can still create one day for simplicity, for ease, and for relaxed harmony.

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Day 48


I know the sun is always shining, either just behind or just above the clouds.

I appreciate the light ever more for the shadows.

I gratefully create space in my heart for light to appear.

On cloudy days we sometimes say we wish the sun would shine and yet, the sun IS shining.  It is always shining. We just can not see it.  When the heart feels clouded over, it’s no different.  The light is always there- just as the sun is always in the sky- we are just not seeing it.   Sometimes it’s just a matter of rising above in order to get a better view.

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Day 47


I see the best in myself and others.

I offer encouraging, uplifting, and supportive comments to myself and others.

I promote others and myself with compliments and positive reinforcement.

I am a teacher to myself and others, and will be remembered as one who made a positive difference.

Criticism divides and disempowers; compliments promote confidence.  When we think of someone who has made a positive difference in our lives, whose influence positively directed or shaped us, we tend to think of those who were complimentary toward us.  That one special teacher who made a difference in your life was probably the one who pointed out your excellence, your ability, your gift, your special talent, or your potential.  It was the teacher who complimented you, made you feel good about yourself, and left you feeling that you were competent, good at something.   Those we remember making a positive difference in our lives are rarely those who criticized, pointed out our flaws or mistakes, or made us feel incapable.

When we talk to ourselves we want to be our own champion, complimenting and promoting, not criticizing or judging.  When we talk to others, we want to be their champion too.  We don’t want to point out their imperfections, their lapses in judgment, their shortcomings or errors.  We want to point out their talents, encourage their dreams, and help them see beyond their faults to their potential.

We are all teachers in this world, to ourselves and to others, adults and children alike.  Let’s be the best teachers we can be.  Let’s be the teacher who is remembered as making a positive difference in a life, including our own.

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Day 46


I release any judgments that I hold about myself or others.

I avoid labeling, contrasting and comparing.

I accept that all things just ARE.

Labeling and comparing (things to things and people to people) produces judgments and valuations.  When self-judgments are held onto we keep ourselves trapped within the ego space and duality.  When we hold onto judgments about others we keep ourselves trapped within the ego space and duality.  But when we release ourselves from the habits of duality- placing all things into categories of good or bad, less or more, better or worse- we begin to experience unity and Divine grace.  We begin to find ourselves in the heart space.  When we let go the habits of duality we see all things as varying expressions of the One- creating contrast, opportunity, and diversity.   And appreciating all of it.

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Day 45


I am love manifest in form.

I am blessed with abundant love in my life.

I am never alone or without love.

I am loved by unseen forces at all times.

I love myself as I wish to be loved by others.

I give love without condition.

I give and receive love without fear.

I act from love.

I accept love from others with an open heart.

I see love in all things.

I know there is no place where love can not be found or planted.

I welcome all that is love into my life.

The energy of love is a stream flowing through me.

I am loved beyond measure.

I generously express the love that I am.

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Day 44


I embrace romance as a magical and loving part of my life.

I choose to engage in romantic moments.

I choose to experience romance in my life for and by myself .


Romance evokes calm, simplicity, ease, imagination, and of course, love, but romance isn’t something that just happens, it’s created by action and perception.  And it needn’t involve two people; it only takes one.  By adding romance to our day, night or world, we add a bit of magic, a touch of whimsy, a hint of fairy tales, a splash of dreaminess, and a dot of innocence.   Romance indulges the senses with soft soothing sounds,  inspiring aromas, flickering flames, sensuous fabrics, and simple calming colors.   Romance is personal, something we can customize to meet our soul’s imagining.   We can engage romance with a partner if there is one, or in blissful solitude if there isn’t.  Whether it’s a candlelit dinner for two or candlelit bath for one, wrapping each other in satin while reading Neruda, or wrap oneself in cotton while reading Elizabeth Gilbert, we can all bring a little romance to our private moments.

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Day 43


I give my relationships my time and positive attention.

I nurture my relationships just as I nurture anything I wish to flourish and grow.

I regularly feed my relationships with the energy they need to thrive.

Nature dictates that the primary element an object or condition is made of must continue to exist as part of its composition or it will decay. For example, the human body is 55-60% water. If we didn’t continually replenish the body with water to keep its base need fulfilled, we would dehydrate and eventually die.  Relationships are no different.  If a relationship is built upon sexual energy it must continue to be fed sexual energy or the base it was built upon will decay.  If a relationship is built upon a base of  love energy, it must continue to be regularly fed the energy of love or its base will also decay.  Feeling lazy, too busy, or taking the relationship for granted is only an option if we don’t care about its success.  Healthy relationships are living things – maturing, evolving, expanding, dynamic entities that require care and attention to sustain them.  And what is true of all living things is true of relationships – what is not fed starves, and what starves, dies.

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Day 42


I am a passionate being.

I allow my passion to ignite life within me.

I find infinite opportunities to experience and express passionately.

Passion is the inner spark of the Divine come ablaze.  Passion is the outward expression of an internal expression of the heart.   Passion inspires and activates potential.  It’s a causation for creation.  It emboldens us to life and living.  Passion creates an opening by which the Divine can manifest in the world, thru the body, mind and heart.  Passion may be an intimate exchange with another but it is ALWAYS an intimate exchange between ourselves and our Source.   I give myself permission to be the passionate being I AM.

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Day 41


I will make a point of saying, I love you to those I genuinely love.

I will say I love you without expectation of reciprocation.

I will say I love you with deep and sincere feeling.

I will say I love you and feel good to have shared my love with words.

Saying those three words can become a habit – however truthful or well intended – that lacks emotion.   Or they can be neglected all together- from oversight, presumption or avoidance.   Sometimes saying “I love you” is difficult, even painful.  Sometimes it’s the difficult things that are the most meaningful.  It might be awkward but spreading love is a cause worth being a little uncomfortable for.   No matter how long it’s been, it’s never too late to make a very conscious and deliberate point of letting those we love know that we do – with those three words – heartfelt and sincere.   If you can’t share your heart in person the words can still carry sincere meaning via phone, email, letter or card.  And with Valentine’s Day just around the corner, there’s no better time.

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Day 40


I make time for love.

I put love first.

The sharing of love’s expressions is a priority in my life.

Love is often put on hold.  It happens when a child wants to be in their parents company but mom and dad are “too busy”- making dinner, working in the yard, checking emails, etc..   It happens when a partner suddenly feels affectionate or amorous but their chosen is more interested in taking the dog to the park, finishing the crossword puzzle, the video game or the internet search for lost relatives.  It happens when family calls just to say hi but the phone goes unanswered because a favorite TV show is airing.   What are our priorities?  What are we putting love on hold for?  Is it something more important or can it wait?

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Day 39


My life is a learning experience and for that I am grateful.

I learn by action, interaction and observation.

I use what I learn to create a more fulfilling and healthier life for myself and others.

The knowledge I’ve gained from my experiences has made me wise and for that I am grateful.

We acquire wisdom when we take what we have learned (knowledge) and merge it with our actions, speech, and thoughts.  Knowledge gleaned then put on a shelf unused is knowledge wasted. It’s like having a beautiful glass in front of us but drinking through our fingers.   When what we’ve learned is applied an alchemical change takes place and the knowledge is transmuted into wisdom turning us into gold.

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