Addicted to the Drama

Day 32


I am free from the drama of the external world.

I seek calm, order, balance and beauty in my life, therefore I put my attention on that which is harmonious with those ideals.

You’re flipping through the television channels when you see *BREAKING NEWS* flashing across the screen.  You stop to find out what it is.  You stay tuned in even after you realize it has nothing to do with anything you care about. Or maybe it’s a police pursuit in progress, or a screaming match on CourtTV, or a rousing scene on a soap opera, or a reality show contestant meltdown.  These snippets of drama have a way of hooking our interest and reeling us in like fish on a line.  Part of the draw is mental distraction and stimulation, and part of it is actually hormonal- certain chemicals are released into our bodies when we observe or engage in dramatic events.  Most of the time it’s harmless.  For some, however, the drama feeds an addiction.  The mental and physiological arousal generate an inner feeling of excitement that the mind and body then want more of.  One of the bigger problems with being hooked on drama is that an addiction to drama only attracts more drama and often what comes is of the real life, up close and personal kind.  If you want to have drama and chaos in your experience then put your attention and interest repeatedly on the drama in the world, in other’s lives and in media, and you will surely find it manifesting in your experience as well.  On the other hand, avoiding unnecessary drama and its strong lure helps to foster a calm, simple, balanced life.

drama masks

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