Shut Off the Inner Critic

Day 34


I accept that I am human and I make mistakes.

I accept that making a mistake creates a path toward growth and expansion.

I do not blame or berate myself when I err, I accept responsibility and move on.

I do not cling to feelings of guilt when I err, I accept my humanness and move on.

What does your inner critic say when you err?  Does your self talk include labels such as stupid, idiot, or worse?  Does your inner critic whisper (or worse, shout) words of criticism?  Turn off the critic and turn on the loving and supportive voice of the inner friend.  We all make mistakes; from mistakes we have opportunities to learn.   Toddlers fall as part of their path to walking.   Teens have their hearts broken as they learn to be in and out of relationships.   Meals are burned, haircuts are crooked, accidents happen, secrets are spilled, and hurtful words are spoken, all as part of the human path of growth.  To hold onto self-blame, guilt or regret, does nothing to promote growing from the experience.  When a mistake is made or a wrong is done the healthy path is the one that begins with forgiveness.   If we do not love ourselves enough to forgive our own mistakes and poor choices, neither will anyone else.  And if we cannot forgive ourselves, we will never be able to accept forgiveness from others.

Be human, make mistakes, accept responsibility for them, and then love yourself through forgiveness and into growth.

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