Survive and Thrive

Day 38


I choose strength.

I choose courage.

I choose to get up and go on.

I choose to be stronger than I was yesterday.

I choose to do more than survive life, I choose to thrive.

The road is bumpy, the challenges are weighing down, the clock is ticking, hope is slipping away… This is how it can feel sometimes.  Life makes it easy to choose suffering.  Life gives us ample opportunities to feel loss, lack, heartache and pain.  It can feel like being thrown under a train.  But these trains don’t destroy, they reinvent.  They force the prone to summon up the courage to get off the tracks and move on.   It happens to everyone.  And when we do choose to get up  we are stronger than we were before.  We are bolder than we knew we could be.  We are more determined than ever.   Life, in spite of the tragic, tedium and troubling, is not a play in smallness; it’s a constant show of greatness.  It is a constant revival, a never-ending play upon itself which inspires us to our own greatness, strength, and potential.   The train, the road, the clock, the heartache, the loss, the pain…they have never destroyed us, they’ve reinvented and transformed us into beings of great courage, inner strength, and conviction.   They’ve turned us into way showers.  They’ve given us power, authentic power, the kind of power that comes from having overcome adversity, better and greater for it.  They’ve given us a chance to say,  “I did it.”  They’ve made us more than just survivors of life’s hardships, they’ve taught us how to thrive in spite of them.

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