Limiting Beliefs

Day 59


I appreciate what I have and I want more of it.

I appreciate what I have and I expect more of it.

Abundance and plenty live in harmony with my grace, humility and spirituality.

I’m not advocating self-indulgence, greed or imbalanced materialism; I’m advocating the innate right of every person to want more of what makes their life better, easier, richer, more expansive and filled with greater opportunities.   For some, saying the words “I want more” can feel greedy, ungrateful and self-centered.  We’re raised to think we deserve less than more.  We’re raised to believe that wanting is anti-spiritual.   None of that is true.  Self-denial, sacrifice and limiting beliefs are not spiritual attributes.   The more of any good thing we have, the more we have to share.   The happier, more stable and more loved we feel, the better able we are to serve others.

The true nature of our Source is infinite, abundant and free-flowing.  By allowing that flow to come into our lives freely and happily, without regulation and without guilt for wanting, we not only allow Source to live within us unbridled, but also through us toward others.

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