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Day 89


I keep my focus in the direction of my desires.

If we desire abundance but keep seeing lack everywhere we look, we need to turn and look in a different direction.  If we desire health but our attention is only on ailing, we must change our point of view.  We cannot experience, achieve, or manifest a desire if we’re looking in the direction of what we do not want.  And since we can only see in the direction we face, we must be facing that which we desire.  If we desire harmony, we must look in the direction of harmony rather than staring at discord.  If we wish to have a life we are grateful for, we must be seeing that which we are grateful for.  If we do not like what we’re seeing, we must change our position.


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Day 88


I see life through the instrument of my heart.

I perceive existence with my sense of loving.

My eyes and ears may fail me, but my heart never will.

If intuition is the sixth sense, love is the seventh, and its instrument is the heart. With the heart we can see the world and its experiences through the eyes of the Divine.  With the heart we can see the pathway to forgiveness.  With the heart we can hear words without judgment or fear.  With the heart we can touch the lives of those who suffer or need.  From the heart we can speak words of appreciation, compassion and tolerance.  When we use our hearts to experience life through loving – just as we use our eyes to experience life through seeing and our hands to experience life through touching – the world and all in it are seen as having  higher purpose, divine mystery, and an inherent beauty.  Anytime life takes on a troubled hue, we can see it differently by looking with the heart.

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Day 87


I am a garden

I am creation manifest.

I am growing, evolving, transforming and bearing the fruits of love abundantly.

I nourish myself of my harvest and share infinitely with others.

In our most natural state, we are gardens.  We grow strongest in well fertilized soil, are in a constant state of transformation, and our existence is often plagued with pests and weeds, but with mindfulness, and the help of others, we overcome and become productive.  Our perennial crop is love, and when upon harvest we have enough for ourselves and others.

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Day 86


Today I will pause to reflect on the many who have chosen to share some time on this planet with me.

I am thankful to my beloved for choosing to share another day with me, recognizing that it is a choice.

I am thankful to my family for choosing to share some of their time on earth with me, recognizing that it is a choice.

I am thankful to my friends for choosing to let me walk a while with them in life, recognizing that it is a choice.

Just as we’re learning to appreciate the role choice plays in our lives, we can also appreciate the choices of others, and how their choices make a positive difference in our world. Every day that a friend is still a friend,  we are blessed by their choice to share part of their journey with us.  Even those we appear to be well rooted in life with – children, parents and spouses – can choose at any time to be elsewhere and without our company.  When we acknowledge that our interactions and time shared are based on choice, we’re less likely to take them or our relationships for granted, instead experiencing each moment with a fully grateful heart.


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Day 85


I am willing to bend.

I am willing to learn.

I am willing to change my mind and my views as part of my continual evolution.

I grant others the freedom to change their minds and positions without judgment.

Time teaches by offering us new perspectives.  What appeared fair last year, may this year seem terribly unjust.   Religious, political, economic, social, and cultural opinions and views can and should be mutable.   Taking a changed point of view does not mean admitting to having once held an incorrect view.  In some instances that may be true, but in all cases it is an admittance of growth, of flexibility, and of a willingness to expand.  It takes an open mind to be willing to hear new stories, to accept new ideas, and to be willing to change itself.  It takes an equally open mind to allow others the same grace.  No one has the exact same views they had a decade or two ago.  Some of our beliefs, and many of our positions, have likely changed.  Being willing to change our views, even at the risk of appearing inconsistent, non-committal, or even flaky, is in our best interest.  ‘Tis better to bend like wheat in the wind, than sit like a stone in the field.

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Day 84


I reside in the present moment.

I am grateful for past experiences and how they help me make healthy choices now.

I choose my responses to life consciously.

I choose my responses to life based primarily on what is here and now.

I do not miss out on the present because of the past.

I live new experiences as uniquely their own.

Even if we don’t live in the past, the past lives in us.  Once we experience something we can’t un-experience it.  Every thought ever thought, every feeling ever felt, every experience ever had will remain inside us as emotional markers that are stored in memory and as subconscious impression.  Every new experience causes the brain to scan its repository for related or similar experiences from which to assess the current, influencing our responses and contributing to our *here and now* moments.  The system is designed to protect us from danger and help with other aspects of survival, but the brain and subconscious can’t take into account the variables that are part of each new experience.  Only our conscious minds can do that.  And because we are usually responding to the present from our subconscious, we often make the present pay the price for the past.  Countless relationships have been abandoned because the subconscious mind related them somehow to a previous painful situation.  Innumerable opportunities have been passed up because the subconscious found an impression in its cache that sent a warning.

The past can be a good thing, giving us the tools we need to interpret our present experiences.  It teaches us that dogs bite, fire burns and that too much alcohol makes us sick, but it can also be a mechanism that holds us back from being *here and now* in new experiences.  Only by being conscious and aware of learned and subconscious responses can we consciously choose to respond to new experiences deliberately, fairly and without defensiveness, seeing them for what they actually are, not only what our previous experiences want to tell us they might be .

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Day 83


I recognize the patterns that repeat in my life.

I accept that I have stayed in these patterns because I need to grow beyond my need for them.

I release my fears and embrace my own worthiness, as I release myself from these old patterns.

I pay attention so that I do not fall back into habitual patterns.

I am grateful for all I have learned from the patterns in my life.

I accept nothing less than what is healthy and self-promoting in my life.

I strive for linear patterns of growth and expansion built on and supported by love and self-worth.

I deserve all good things in life.

We’ve all known times when it feels like we’re living life on a merry-go-round, forever going in circles, reliving the same experiences and situations, again and again and again and again.  If we can see these patterns in our lives, we’re fortunate, we’ve taken the first step toward change just by our awareness and acknowledgement of the circular pattern we’ve been living.  The next step is to get off the ride.

To begin, we need to determine what core experience it is that we keep repeating.  Is it consistently choosing the wrong partner or repeatedly accepting soul-draining employment ?  There might be a pattern of acquiring and losing, or one of sabotaging happiness.  With a lot of honesty – and maybe the input of some equally honest friends – the pattern can be revealed.

We keep repeating experiences because we’ve not yet learned something about ourselves that those experiences are trying to show us.   Most of the time what is needed to be understood is that we are worthy (of more, better, or what we keep destroying).  Very often it is self-worth and self-love that have not been fully realized.  Fear will also keep us on the circular path.  We may fear change, the unknown, the opinions of others, or fear our own success.   Once we understand what we’ve needed to learn from these repetitive situations, we can do the inner work and move on.  The old patterns, attractions, reactions, experiences and situations will no longer serve us.

A bit of caution – it can be easy to fall back into old patterns so we must be vigilant.  And it is almost always the case that we will find ourselves in the same sort of experience or situation at least one more time, even after we’ve outgrown its usefulness.  Why?  We might still be holding some residual energy that draws us to it or it can be a challenge we put before ourselves to see if we’ve really moved beyond our need for it.  If we find ourselves on the ride one more time we can immediately recognize it and jump off.  We won’t need it, will want better for ourselves, and won’t settle for the old patterns anymore.

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Day 82


I do not believe in failure.

I believe that success has many faces.

I believe that there is success in every effort.

There is no such thing as failure, only varying degrees of success.  Every step we take in the direction of our dreams and goals is one step closer to their realization, even if one of those steps is a fall, a wrong turn, or a step backward.  If someone is free of a habit they’re trying to break for thirty days but on the thirty-first day they engage it again, they didn’t fail,  they succeeded for thirty days.  If we attempt something and don’t meet the desired or expected goal, we can choose to view it as a failure and take on all the negativity that bears, or we can see it as a success of a different kind.  We can believe that we have succeeded at taking a chance or we can believe that we have succeeded at trying.  We can even believe that we have succeeded at not reaching our goal.  If we look to the set backs or misses as failures, we find ourselves discouraged and struggling for the motivation to begin again.  If we look at the accomplishment, the success, we can continue on our way, beginning again with self-assurance, courage, and motivation.

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Day 81


I am part of a whole.

I am connected to all that is.

I  am proud to be entrusted with the care of this planet and all upon it.

I give of myself to the cause of something other than myself.

I strive daily to be of service in some way.

We could easily go about our days and weeks caring little for anything outside our private worlds and our own needs but we are part of a greater whole, a collective, that has been entrusted not only with the responsibility of caring for each other but also the planet.  We fulfill our sacred obligation when we engage in acts of service.  Our contributing might be thru monetary offerings,  the donation of goods, or volunteerism.   We can also be of service in less obvious ways, such as random acts of kindness, spontaneous gestures of help or support,  or by giving the gift of a few moments of our time.  We can forward emails that support good causes or even initiate one.  Small actions can make big differences, like picking up litter when on a walk.  And if we feel there is nothing else we can do, we can take a few minutes to offer prayer and loving thoughts to those in need.  We need to take care not to get so involved in our own striving and surviving that we forget we have a purpose greater than ourselves.

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In a Perfect World…

Dear Readers and all of my amazing Subscribers,

I’ve been out of town – a retreat actually! – and had set up the site to auto-publish while I was away.  Well, somehow that didn’t happen and the articles seem to be missing as well.  Alas, in a perfect world these things wouldn’t happen but if we lived in a perfect world what would inspire me to write??  In the next few days I’ll have things back to normal and hopefully caught up, but till then I appreciate your understanding and certain compassion.

With *heart sighs*,


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Day  80


I release my fears.

I have no fears.

I have no fear.

I have no fear.

I have no fear.

No fear.

No fear.


There is no greater hindrance to happiness, fulfillment, empowerment, abundance, or success than fear.   Cultivating love is a beautiful goal but cultivating love without eliminating fear is only doing half the work.  The  reality is that the world is already filled with love- we are love, as is every other creation on the planet.  Love is the Essence of all that is.  The love that is omnipresent is simply hidden by the shadow that fear casts over it.   In a world free of fear, love is automatically revealed.   It’s time to let go of fear so that love can reign…

Imagine a world where no one is afraid to love, afraid to die, afraid to be themselves, afraid to speak their truth, afraid to share their talent, afraid to fail, afraid to succeed, afraid of rejection, afraid of being alone, afraid of being controlled, afraid of being without control,  afraid of being wrong, afraid of being happy, afraid of others, afraid of the unknown, afraid of change, afraid of losing (money/jobs/friends etc.), afraid of what others think, afraid of power, afraid of tomorrow, or afraid of having it all.  A world without all that fear is a world of joy, success, abundance, prosperity, tolerance, acceptance, community, adventure and LOVE.

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Day 79


I accept change as part of my ongoing evolution.

I welcome rebirth in my life without resistance.

I celebrate spring as an opportunity for renewal within myself and my life.

While our seasons of rebirth may not always coincide with the rest of nature we can allow the newly reactivated Life Force energy around us in Spring to facilitate growth in our lives. We can use this season to break forth from any resistance we might feel and allow life to transform us into whatever beautiful, amazing, spectacular creations we are meant to become.  Spring is a chance for each of us to remember that we are also the Life Force animated, that we too have within us all potential, and to ask ourselves some really invaluable questions.

  • Am I resisting a natural renewal and rebirth in any part of my life?
  • Am I struggling against change that I cannot avoid?
  • Am I allowing myself to be a part of the natural cycles of change?
  • What are the opportunities for growth that are disguised as challenges?
  • Are there any ideas I’d like to consider birthing into my life?
  • Would I like to engage in any new activities, hobbies, or courses of study?
  • Are there changes in any areas of my life that I’ve wanted to make and haven’t?

Spring isn’t just for the birds and bees, it’s also for our souls and spirits.  If allowed, it can awaken, resurrect, and remind us that we are intended to live in seasons of change, ever-growing toward our highest and most beautiful potential.

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Day 78


When I see boulders on life’s path I find a way around them.

Facts do not stop me from finding a path to my goal.

I let nothing stand in the way of me and my dreams, desires, and aspirations.

I am determined.

I am sure.

I am confident.

I will change direction but I do not give up.

From every CAN’T can be extracted CAN, but CAN does not have CAN’T within it.  Whether it is the fear of success, lack of self-worth, the ease of inaction, or the inability to see through some other darkness, nothing should stop us from living our lives to their fullest potential.  Sometimes an obstacle appears in our way in order to lead us to an even better path.  Sometimes it’s there so that we’ll pause to gather or increase our motivation and inner resources.  Sometimes an obstacle is the Universe’s way of asking us, “Just how bad do you really want this?”   Whatever the reason, we need not let anything stop us from realizing our goals and dreams.  We may be detoured, slowed, even halted for a moment, but if we are determined, we will let nothing tell us, “No.”

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Day 77


My thoughts, my beliefs and my words are in agreement.

I mean what I say and I say what I mean.

I live with authenticity of expression.

Inner balance arises when thoughts, beliefs, and actions are in harmony with each other.  Expressing verbally (speaking or writing) is an action.  Therefore, part of inner balance is having thoughts, beliefs and words that are in accord.  If we think or believe one thing but say another, we’re not expressing authentically and are creating an imbalance within ourselves.  When the belief-word and thought-word relationships are congruent, we support our personal harmony.   If we’re uncomfortable speaking our thoughts or beliefs truthfully (or know it’s inappropriate to do so) we can choose to say nothing.  In the quest for inner balance, consciously choosing words that are an authentic reflection of our thoughts and beliefs is crucial.

3way balance


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Day 76 


I have enough.

I am enough.

I see abundance, plenty and potential everywhere I look.

I appreciate what I have.

I appreciate all I am.

I express gratitude daily for all that I have and all that I am.

It’s so easy to be drawn in by the lure of lack and insufficiency, our media sources drown us daily with information about what we don’t have enough of  – things like health, style, beauty, security, financial freedom and excitement.  And media very generously offers the solutions to these same shortage problems – drugs, fashion trends, makeup and cosmetic surgery,  insurance and investment options and a slick sports car with a sexy passenger.  Those same media sources also try to convince us that what we do have isn’t good enough – think bigger house, fuller breasts, whiter teeth, greener lawns, more sexual vigor and fewer gray hairs.  The outside world is constantly selling us the idea that what we have and what we are is not enough.  No wonder our attention is constantly falling on what we believe is missing or in short supply!  The truth is that we already have and are so much more than we think.

To see what we have we need to shift our perspective from one of lack and shortage to one of abundance and flow.  That shift begins by recognizing how often we put our attention on what we want more of, less of or better. While some want is born of a desire for expansion, as in, “I want to someday take a trip to Spain,” most want has a very different energy, as in , “I want a more agreeable and loving partner.” (which translates to, “I don’t have a very agreeable and loving partner.”)  And it’s the want that comes from lack that keeps us in misery.  Once we recognize our patterns of wanting and from where they derive,  we can make a switch and start thinking instead about what we have.

By shifting from constant thoughts of “I want…” to  constant thoughts of “I have…” we begin to appreciate what we  already possess and experience and how perfectly it has served us.  Thoughts of “I have…” and the gratitude they provoke are the seeds for future abundance and plenty.  When we see that same partner with grateful “I have…” eyes, we start to notice wonderful traits previously hidden by our discontent and our attitude toward them changes.  Most amazingly, as our perspective changes from want to have, the things we have and appreciate begin to transform and become the things we always wanted.

This is actually a 3D image of a large heart set in the center of the work.  See more:  http://www.magiceye.com/gallery/021215s.html

This is actually a 3D image of a large heart set in the center of the work. See more: http://www.magiceye.com/gallery/021215s.html

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Day 75


I do not make hasty or snap decisions.

I understand and embrace the power of time.

I allow important decisions to marinate in my soul before finalizing them.

It is rarely in our best interest to make an important decision or answer a life changing question the moment it’s presented.  In that moment we may be too emotionally engaged or in an overly analytical state.  Our best decisions are made when our emotions, our minds and our inner being are in alignment, not when one part of us is dominating the decision-making process.  To insure that we make the best decision it’s helpful to let the situation sit quietly in our beings for a time, without ruminating.  Better still, we can take the matter to bed with us and sleep on it.  During the sleep state, higher consciousness is active and able to prepare the mind to make the right decision on waking.  When we give our important concerns over to higher consciousness while we sleep,  we usually wake with renewed clarity on the matter and very often we’ll find we wake up “just knowing” what to do or how to proceed.

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Day 74


I am grateful for the gift of my children.

I respect my children as individuals, on loan to me for a short time, but their own beings.

From a non-physical perspective, children choose their parents before they are born.  They do not come into our lives to be reflections of us; they come into our lives to be better than our best, to learn and grow from and with us, and to resolve and rise above what we cannot.  It is our great challenge to encourage and promote them in that quest.  We may be expected to nurture and teach them, but they come into our lives to teach us, as well.  And most of all, they are not ‘ours’.  They are every bit their own souls, with their own personas, their own journeys to travel, their own lessons to learn from life,  and – as every parent knows – their own minds.   They are amazing, beautiful, magical  gifts we are given to hold for a while, and then we must let them fly with the wings we have shown them they have.

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Day 73


I choose to be happy NOW.

My happiness comes from within.

My happiness is a choice and a product of my perception.

My happiness is independent.

I am happy NOW.

Happiness is part of our natural state of well-being.  No matter what we are we are surrounded by, no matter what we believe we lack, no matter how busy or tired or disappointed we are, we can still be happy.  Though struggles and pain can make choosing to experience happiness a challenge,  it is always a choice, one made possible by shifting perspectives.
When we set prerequisites for happiness – when I have more money, when I get a new job, when I fall in love, when I retire – we make happiness an elusive dream, one we may never catch up to.  None of us know what our tomorrows will bring or how many we have in front of us.  What if we wait too long?   By choosing to be happy in the moment, just as things are, we create a pathway for the rest to come…and feel better while we’re waiting.   We may have to wait for retirement, but no one has to wait for happiness.  Happiness is part of who we are already.  It’s only a matter of choosing to let it be our dominant expression.

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Day 72


I am open-minded.

I accept difference as a necessary and beautiful part of the human tapestry.

I embrace the divergent oneness of all life.

I learn by listening to those with differing views, ideas, beliefs and practices.

I am tolerant.

I am accepting.

I believe in fairness and equality.

I use judgment wisely.

In this world of duality we find that for every condition that exists, an opposite or opposing condition also exists.  Therefore if we have up, we must have down.  If we have good, we must have bad.  If we have light, we must have dark.  Plenty is the counter-part to lack, love to hate, greed to generosity.  Because of all this duality, we develop judgments.  Our minds assess and evaluate situations, people and things, and from those assessments we form conclusions.  Those conclusions are our judgments.

Some judgments are necessary.  A dark road at night can either be safe or dangerous, and our judging helps us make that determination.  Judgments help us make healthy choices, informed decisions and generate our opinions.  Discernment is a judgment tool of the wise, but far too often our judgments are unhelpful, involving bias and intolerance.

Human history is a long and winding story of how judgment against others has caused harm.  People of different cultures, practices and beliefs have been killed by the millions because they were judged to be evil, ignorant or less than.  Our inner judge also speaks to us about ourselves, often unfairly or harmfully.

In our homes, communities, institutions, governments, and our global interactions negative judgments create divisiveness, hostility, anger, conflict and pain.   Free of such judgments we find fairness, tolerance, unity, togetherness and compassion.  Even history shows us that there is value in non-judgment, after all no genocide was ever committed for the sake of sameness and acceptance. When we are without negative judgments we are close to our own divine spirits.  We have open-mindedness, we have room to learn new things, and we have a chance to see outside the box of duality and into the heart of unity.

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Day 71


I am a loving person.

I express my love both directly and indirectly.

Sometimes passive loving is all I am capable of and that is okay.

All loving is good loving.

We all have people in our lives who challenge our ability to be loving.  Maybe we think of them as being difficult to get along with or maybe they just feel emotionally unavailable to us.   Sometimes these are people we’re estranged from.  Whatever the circumstances, we find ourselves unable or unwilling to be actively loving (love expressed through direct action like affection, communication, intimacy or support).  Sometimes it is in our best interest to make that choice.  Such a lack of involvement does not mean we do not love or can not be loving in a different sense.  When we find ourselves unable to love another actively, we can love them passively.  We can spend time feeling our love for them without sharing it directly.  We can pray for or bless them with loving thoughts.  We can even engage in a loving – though imagined – dialog with them.  We can envision our love for them as a stream of white light energy leaving us and going to them.   Love felt for another person, even if indirectly and passively expressed, find its way to them.  They will receive the energy of that  love we feel, imagine, or send.  It will also help us fulfill our soul’s desire to be loving under circumstances that might otherwise challenge our ability to do so.

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Day 70


Today I will see God in the details.

If we want to know Divinity, all we have to do is look around.  In every particle of light filtering thru the window we can know the Absolute’s illumination. In every newly revealed green leaf & blossom, we can see the Divine’s celebration of life. In every bird song of joy, every child’s cry of need, and every lover’s sigh of passion, we can hear voice of the Infinite Spirit. In this morning’s hot coffee and tonight’s cool sheets, in a stranger’s smile and an old friend’s embrace, in the rhythm of our breath and the beating of our hearts, in all the little details we can experience the Source of all existence as it appears in ordinary life and experiences.

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Day 69


I let go my resistance to life’s natural rhythms and allow myself to be carried through change and growth.

I surrender my need to control every outcome and circumstance and allow life to unfold naturally.

I  surrender to faith.

I live with trust.

I let go.

Surrendering is not giving in or giving up, it is letting life unfold in its mysterious unbridled way, accepting that some things simply can’t be controlled.  When we surrender to life, we let go of our resistance – which pushes against the natural flow of things – and allow ourselves to become a part of the harmonious rhythm of the universe.  When we surrender, we throw our oars in the river and let the current carry us, acknowledging that sometimes we truly do not know what is best, but having faith that something greater than us does.  Surrendering is accepting the unacceptable, when there is no other choice.  Surrendering is accepting the inevitable as part of life’s journey, even if we don’t really want to.  Observe a leaf floating downstream, a hawk gliding on an air current, or a child going down a slide, and you are observing surrender.  Let’s know when to be the leaf, the hawk, the child, and let life carry us for a while.

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