Being Grateful for the Choices of Others

Day 86 Affirmation: Today I will pause to reflect on the many who have chosen to share some time on this planet with me. I am thankful to my beloved for choosing to share another day with me, recognizing that it is a choice. I am thankful to my family for choosing to share some of their time … More Being Grateful for the Choices of Others

Going In Circles

Day 83


I recognize the patterns that repeat in my life.

I accept that I have stayed in these patterns because I need to grow beyond my need for them.

I release my fears and embrace my own worthiness, as I release myself from these old patterns.
More Going In Circles


Day 80


I release my fears.

I have no fears.

I have no fear.

I have no fear.

I have no fear.

No fear.

No fear.


Sleep On It

Day 75 Affirmation: I do not make hasty or snap decisions. I understand and embrace the power of time. I allow important decisions to marinate in my soul before finalizing them. It is rarely in our best interest to make an important decision or answer a life changing question the moment it’s presented.  In that moment we may be too emotionally engaged or in … More Sleep On It

The Gift of Children

Day 74 Affirmation: I am grateful for the gift of my children. I respect my children as individuals, on loan to me for a short time, but their own beings. From a non-physical perspective, children choose their parents before they are born.  They do not come into our lives to be reflections of us; they come into our … More The Gift of Children

The Voice of Judgment

Day 72 Affirmation: I am open-minded. I accept difference as a necessary and beautiful part of the human tapestry. I embrace the divergent oneness of all life. I learn by listening to those with differing views, ideas, beliefs and practices. I am tolerant. I am accepting. I believe in fairness and equality. I use judgment wisely. In this world … More The Voice of Judgment

Passive Loving

Day 71 Affirmation: I am a loving person. I express my love both directly and indirectly. Sometimes passive loving is all I am capable of and that is okay. All loving is good loving. We all have people in our lives who challenge our ability to be loving.  Maybe we think of them as being difficult … More Passive Loving

In the Details

Day 70 Affirmation: Today I will see God in the details. If we want to know Divinity, all we have to do is look around.  In every particle of light filtering thru the window we can know the Absolute’s illumination. In every newly revealed green leaf & blossom, we can see the Divine’s celebration of life. In every bird song of joy, every child’s … More In the Details

Be the Leaf…

Day 69 Affirmation: I let go my resistance to life’s natural rhythms and allow myself to be carried through change and growth. I surrender my need to control every outcome and circumstance and allow life to unfold naturally. I  surrender to faith. I live with trust. I let go. Surrendering is not giving in or giving up, … More Be the Leaf…